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[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 8

Here we recap and discuss episode 8 of Fashion King.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

His meeting with Jae Hyuk now over, Young Gul stands outside a dealership looking at a very nice and expensive car.  Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk is taking his own expensive car out for a high-speed ride while he thinks over Young Gul’s proposal.  He’s pissed, to put it mildly, and constantly revs the engine to go fast.

Meanwhile, Young Gul decides to stop by a beauty store on his way back home to pick up a gift.  I assume it’s for Ga Young as an apology, but it could just as easily be for Anna as just another stab at Jae Hyuk.  Speaking of Ga Young, Jae Hyuk surprises her by showing up at the factory as she and the other workers are about to grab some food.  He asks her if she know about Young Gul’s plans from the beginning, but she says that she both did and didn’t know about it.  Which is technically true in the sense that she found out about his plans after he hatched them.  Jae Hyuk thinks she’s just playing dumb and yells at her for driving off in his car, just as Young Gul gets back.  Young Gul isn’t happy to see Jae Hyuk either and throws the bag of beauty products on the table as soon as he gets into his office.

Over dinner, the ahjummas and Bong Sook are drunkenly arguing about whether Jae Hyuk or Young Gul is better.  Ga Young is also drunk and blurts out that she likes Young Gul, but doesn’t know what he thinks of her.  Um, okay.  I mean I knew this was coming at some point, but I still don’t see much of a romantic development between her and Young Gul.  Anyway, she asks the others what she should do in this situation and Bong Sook tells her to just latch onto him before passing out.

Back at the factory, Young Gul hears Ga Young come back and checks his phone to see what time it is.  When a very drunk Ga Young walks into his office, he pretends to be asleep and listens to her say that she’ll always be on his side.  She says that she’s used to suffering alone so he can do whatever he wants.  However, the thing that makes her suffer the most is that he misunderstands her.  Ga Young then says goodnight and passes out on the bed.  Young Gul gets up and tucks her into his bed and quietly goes to sleep on hers.  He doesn’t go to sleep right away, though, and stares for a while in Ga Young’s direction.

Jae Hyuk now has to face his dad, who of course asks him what happened to his face.  He tells Jae Hyuk that he thought that Anna just followed him, but is actually impressed at her skills.  Guess news hasn’t reached dear old dad.    To this end, he wants to put her in charge of other projects so that the other directors can see that Jae Hyuk has the eye for talent to run the company rather than just being appointed the position due to his connections.  His dad then gives a box to Jae Hyuk, saying it’s a gift to Anna.

Back at his office, Jae Hyuk is contemplating his next move when his assistant comes back from meeting with the copyright attorneys.  He tells Jae Hyuk that the lawyers told him that no matter what happens, due to the length of time for the prosecution, that it’s best to not start production.  Not the answer that Jae Hyuk wants to hear and he throws his dad’s gift at his assistant’s face.  He yells at him to find a way to crush Young Gul now, which his assistant is more than happy to oblige if it means less sharp objects thrown at his head.  Anna then walks in and asks why he’s upset, but Jae Hyuk just pushes the gift at her and storms out.  She then checks his phone log and sees that he’s been calling Ga Young a lot.  Jae Hyuk then comes back for his phone and grabs it out of her hand, leaving Anna to think her worst fears have been realized.

To clear her mind, Anna has decided to go on a little shopping spree with accessories and shoes and everything.  By little shopping spree, I mean over $7000 worth.  As she goes to pay at the register, she asks if the President of the store is in.  We then cut to Madam Jo thinking about Ga Young’s design and how she saw it at J Fashion’s presentation.   She realizes then that Anna is no ordinary girl and it is then that her assistant brings Anna up to meet her.

Hostile atmosphere, much?  As the two drink tea, Anna asks her what she thought of the designs and Madam Jo says she told the President that they were nice.  She then asks why Anna visited and is surprised when Anna says that she wants them to be on friendly terms because they have so much in common.  Anna then brings up that Madam Jo used to be a salesperson for Ga Young’s parents when they owned the store, something that she does not take kindly.  Anna says that if Madam Jo will say something to Jae Hyuk, she’ll be indebted to her.

Enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that, and so Madam Jo is now meeting with Jae Hyuk.  She tells him that she was shocked at the fashion show and that he should know why.  Jae Hyuk bristles at the suggestion and asks her to get to the point.  Madam Jo says that she knows he has a problem on his hands and if he’d be willing to listen to her simple solution: sue Ga Young for copying the designs.  Uh, someone want to explain why that’s different from suing Young Gul?  I guess the only difference is that Ga Young would be the one to go to jail and they’re betting on Young Gul doing all he can to save her from that.

Jae Hyuk decides to have more drinks and ponder the idea at a private lounge when his assistant comes in and says he hasn’t found any other solution yet and they should just tell his father the situation.  Jae Hyuk then considers that they should follow Young Gul’s suggestion and invest in him.

Guess the director decided to give some love to the male fans.  We cut to Anna in her nightgown and she’s awoken by a noise in her apartment.  Alas, she puts on a robe and goes out to find Jae Hyuk sitting on her living room floor.  He glares at her and drags himself onto the couch and drunkenly asks how she can sleep.  He tells her that Young Gul wants money and to get revenge on them both even though he got him back his factory.  Because of that, Jae Hyuk is considering firing back at Ga Young and asks her if he should pay Young Gul the money or frame Ga Young and solve the problems.  Gee, wonder what she’s going to say.  Of course, she says to just frame Ga Young, which causes Jae Hyuk to go on a loud drunken rant about how he has to protect Anna and won’t make the same mistake twice.  Anna does seem to feel some guilt about it and cries as she retreats back to her bedroom.

During all this, our innocent heroine is busy working at the factory and cuts her finger while working on the sewing machine.  Jae Hyuk works fast and we then see policeman walk into the factory and ask for her.  Meanwhile, Young Gul is out celebrating with Il Book and his other friend.  When asked what he’s going to do with the money, Young Gul says he’s going to buy Ga Young a house since their success is only due to her.  He then gets a call from the ahjummas informing him about Ga Young.

The next day, he storms into J Fashion to confront Jae Hyuk, who seems to have found some courage after all.  Young Gul demands to know why he dragged Ga Young into their fight, kind of unjustified since he dragged Anna into it first.  I’m still trying to figure out why suing Ga Young as opposed to the company solves the issue.  You’re still looking at the same long drawn out process that drags everyone’s name through the mud.  The premise of both side’s defense would still be the exact same.

At any rate, because Ga Young’s being tossed into this flaming mess of logical fallacy  Young Gul is having second thoughts.  He admits to doing everything without Ga Young’s knowledge and begs Jae Hyuk not to harm her.  Jae Hyuk then pulls out an agreement he has written up in which Young Gul confesses to everything and tells him to sign it with a smug look on his face.  Young Gul pretends to admit defeat but when he signs the paper, he instead writes “Jung Jae Hyuk is a bastard”.  He tells Jae Hyuk he won’t mind going to jail with Ga Young and that if they’re going to play dirty like this, well playing dirty is his specialty.  He then rips up the paper and storms off.  Jae Hyuk gives him one last chance though and says he won’t file charges until tomorrow.  Uh, then why did the cops visit Ga Young?

Er…so why did the cops come to the factory if they left Ga Young there?  She’s busy waiting up for Young Gul and sketches a design to pass the time.  As soon as he gets home, Ga Young asks him how things went with Jae Hyuk.  He doesn’t answer her and instead asks her how her hand is doing.  Young Gul tells her not to worry about the lawsuit, but Ga Young wonders to herself why Anna would try to steal her designs.  Young Gul sticks up for Anna and says that Jae Hyuk must’ve made her do it.

Young Gul retreats to his office where he goes over his conversation with Jae Hyuk in his head.  Despite his bravado earlier, he’s worried about what will happen.  He brings up Jae Hyuk’s number in his cellphone and calls him, but immediately hangs up before it can go through.  He then walks out of his office and sees Ga Young sleeping on her sketchbook.  Young Gul sits down by Ga Young’s bed and thinks throughout the night what he’s going to do.  Eventually, he goes back to his office and seems to have made a decision.

At J Fashion, Jae Hyuk arrives for another day at work and his assistant brings in the lawsuit papers.  He looks at them and then tells his assistant that he’s decided to give Young Gul the money.  However, Young Gul decides to walk in at this point and so Jae Hyuk motions for his assistant to leave.  He’s not there to call off the lawsuit, though, and proposes that the two of them start fresh.  Jae Hyuk doesn’t want to start over with him and tells his secretary to have the papers filed.  Young Gul stops him though and asks for 5 minutes.  He pulls out the coat that Michael used in his show and says that he wasn’t just asking for the $5 million out of spite.  If Michael approved of his design, and Jae Hyuk approved of Ga Young’s, why not legitimately work together for mutual benefit?  Jae Hyuk calls off the lawsuit and asks Young Gul if the design is really his.  Young Gul says that it is and that Anna is the witness.  Yeah, who wants to bet she denies it.

Meanwhile, Anna has just finished a meeting as is sarcastically congratulated by the head designer because she’s supposed to head up the next collection and she got a watch as a gift from the president as well.  After he walks away, Anna gets a call from someone asking her out to dinner.  She smiles and asks what the other person is going to buy her.

Back at his factory, Young Gul is getting all dressed up to go out.  Ga Young is next to him, asking if he has any pride.  She doesn’t want to work with Jae Hyuk and Anna and wants to know why they can’t just build up their factory slowly.  Young Gul says it’s because her talent is wasted Dongdaemun and he wants her to succeed in her dream of becoming a world famous designer.   Ga Young is still sad about it and to cheer her up, Young Gul gives her the beauty products that he bought her before.  She takes the products, but says she’s still not going to their meeting.   Young Gul tells her though that she has to come or else Jae Hyuk might misunderstand.

Anna arrives at the restaurant and Jae Hyuk tells her to sit on his side.  Oh this will not end well as he obviously hasn’t told her the nature of this particular dinner.  Anna asks who else is coming, but Jae Hyuk is tightlipped about it.  Right on cue, here comes Young Gul and Ga Young.  As soon as Young Gul sits down, he says Anna’s gotten prettier, but she’s not in the mood.  She turns to Jae Hyuk for an explanation, but he says they should order first.  Young Gul and Ga Young’s eyes widen at the cost, which Jae Hyuk notices and so he orders for them.

Jae Hyuk then launches into a little rant of why he hates Young Gul and wonders why Ga Young is wasting her talents under him.  Telling them this was the purpose of this dinner apparently, which does not make Young Gul too happy.  Before he can launch into his own attack, Ga Young stops him and says that she’ll tell them what they came here to say.  She knows that Young Gul messed up, but she can’t understand why they’re distorting the truth like this and that he should be embarrassed to act like this as a director.  She stands up to leave, but Young Gul stops her saying that Jae Hyuk must be embarrassed enough and that they should at least eat the meal since it was ordered already.  This is the last straw for Jae Hyuk and he walks out with Anna close behind.

After the two leave, Young Gul fights back laughter and says they should eat and grabs the soup from Anna and Jae Hyuk’s side of the table.  Uh, okay I guess we can ignore the fact that only two soups were brought out.  As he eats though, he fights back his own tears about giving up his pride to help Ga Young.

As Jae Hyuk drives home with Anna, he goes over what Ga Young said to him.  Anna then asks him why he brought her along to the dinner.  Jae Hyuk has no answer and Anna decides to needles him a little and says that Young Gul looked cool today.

Back at the factory, Young Gul and Ga Young try on the different clothes and take pictures.  Young Gul’s clothes are pretty random, but Ga Young’s clothes just make her look pretty, something that Young Gul or I did not fail to notice.  She sees him looking at the camera and asks if she did something wrong, but he quickly covers himself by saying that she did okay for a beginner.  He then tells his workers to touch up her makeup and hair so that he can ogle her pictures in peace.

Later on in his office, Ga Young comes in and says she’s finished writing the letter and if she should read it to him in English or Korean.  Young Gul of course says Korean and Ga Young then reads off the letter she’s written to Michael on Young Gul’s behalf asking him to look at their new designs.  They’ve made a small magazine with all their pictures to include with the letter and off the package goes to New York.

Jae Hyuk apparently hasn’t been doing so hot lately and we see him in bed while he mom nags him about not going to work and just drinking.  She asks him if he’s moping over Ga Young, but Jae Hyuk tells her that’s not it.  His mom purposely says she didn’t do anything this time and they’re interrupted by Anna making a visit.  He tells his housekeeper to say that he’s not feeling well and that he doesn’t want to see her.  His mom goes out in his stead, though, and basically pushes Anna out of the apartment as quickly as possible.  Anna drops off some fruit for him as well, but his mom loudly tells the housekeeper to throw it away.  Jae Hyuk changes his mind and dashes out of the apartment, catching Anna at the elevators to tell her that he’s coming into work tomorrow.  Okay…

Back at Young Gul’s factory, he’s rudely awaken from his sleep by someone calling him in the middle of the night.  The person on the other end of the line?  Who else but Michael.

Final Thoughts

There were some plot points that definitely could’ve used more explanation: the police showing up to see Ga Young even though the lawsuit hadn’t been filed, what happened to the deal with Jae Hyuk if Young Gul is sending his designs to Michael instead, etc.  However, the one I still can’t get over is why it’s different to sue Ga Young instead of suing Young Gul.  No matter who you sue, the process is exactly the same.  If Jae Hyuk sues Young Gul, they’re going to ask who allegedly stole the designs and it’s going to be Ga Young.  If Jae Hyuk sues Ga Young, she’s still the person who stole the designs.  It’s still going to be a long process that dear old dad won’t be happy about and inevitably, the designs won’t be used anyway as by the time they’re done prosecuting, it’s the new season anyway.  Even if Young Gul tries to take full blame, Ga Young’s career as a designer is shot.  Her reputation as a thief won’t go away and she’ll be un-hirable.

I also wasn’t a fan of Ga Young randomly blurting out that she liked Young Gul.  Yes, they had her act jealous of the attention that Young Gul was paying to Anna, but it was so minute and didn’t really lend to any serious hint of a romantic interest in him in my mind.  This bluntness of how information is revealed seems like a trend in this drama and while I was okay with it at first, I would like to see actual gradual development in this area as it’s kind of important to the drama.  I did like the fact though that she’s sticking up for her own sense of morality again rather than just meekly going along with the plan.  She almost seems bipolar in the sense that you’re not sure which Ga Young you’re going to see in each episode.

That being said, I like the direction that this episode took.  Young Gul’s jackass act last episode was so random and out of character that seeing him back to his normal character felt right.  I still get the sense that he’s looking out for her like he would his younger sister, but you start to see a glimmer of some romantic interest between the two now.  Jae Hyuk as well you see him honestly trying to protect Anna’s reputation without being a complete jackass himself.  I don’t understand why he likes Ga Young though.  Their little flashback meeting does nothing for the plotline and I can’t imagine he feels sympathy for her just because he witnessed a spat between her and Madam Jo all those years ago.  I hope that gets elaborated on a little bit or else it just because a worthless scene.  Anna also actually acts like she cares about Jae Hyuk and isn’t just angry all the time.  Granted, she was the one character whose actions I actually understood in the last episode, but minor details.

All in all, this episode in my mind wiped away most of the damage done by the last episode and I look forward to seeing similar character development in future episodes.

6 responses to “[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 8

  1. newkdramaaddict April 12, 2012 at 6:02 am

    This was a much better episode than 7! I was so happy to see Ga Young take Young Gul’s side even though she felt he was wrong. I am glad Young Gul saw the error of his ways and how it could affect Ga Young. An Na and Jae Hyuk, can’t figure out that relationship and why AN Na is so, so insecure which is driving her personality into the toliet! What exactly did Jae Hyuk’s mother do to her? The hated looks just spew from her eyes everytime she looks at An Na. That is the only time I truly feel sorry for her!

  2. Raine April 16, 2012 at 5:19 am

    There were lawyers who came to serve Ga-young with papers, not cops. When you serve you just have to make sure the receiving party accepts the documentation. And as for the meal, I think Jae-hyuk was trying to make a point about money.

    I like your writing style and your word choice. I haven’t used the phrase ‘logical fallacy’ in ages and you totally made me smile by using that. I could write a novel on the nonlinear development of these characters and the plot. Even the camera work. The storytelling ability of the camera is not that powerful, which could really help newbie actors (Yu-ri) out a LOT.

    • kpopencarta April 16, 2012 at 8:49 am

      That makes more sense now if the guys were just court officers serving her a subpoena. However, doesn’t that mean that he already filed the paperwork to sue them? Immaterial to the rest of the storyline though so I’m not going to lose much sleep over it.

      Thanks for the compliment! I was going to say that if we were going to talk about nonlinear development Dream High 2 should be brought into the discussion, but that would imply there was some sort of actual development there rather than the complete and utter stagnation that actually occurred. I agree as well that the camera work in this drama a lot of the times doesn’t really fully bring out the emotions of the scene and really keeps you from being truly swept up in the story.

      • Raine April 16, 2012 at 9:01 am

        Maybe they aren’t papers for a subpoena, but perhaps they were a notice of intent? For the sake of dramatics? You’re right, it really doesn’t matter since we are pretty much over that random little plot hump. Kinda like the whole fishing boat incident and the stint in Mexico and
        NYC…How did he get from Mexico to NYC in a day? Phone up Captain Picard for some teleportation?

        I avoided DH2 like the plague. I just had this feeling and then heard from many people and read from many sources and decided not to waste my time!

  3. lili April 16, 2012 at 11:24 am

    I can’t believe how good episodes 8 and 9 were!! I just finished watching episode 9 and it was so good i made screenshots and clips of some of my fav parts lol I still think that Young Gul needs to realize just how great a girl he has in Ga Young. I mean cmon!! she is beautiful, kind, sweet, and talented. I would pay to be just one of those things XD!! Anyway if anyone is interested in this clip of Anna (Yuri) spending the night out with…. (haha dont wanna spoil for anyone who doesn’t want to know) check this clip out http://www.vingle.net/posts/5801-Fashion-king-ep-10-Ga-Young-and-Anna-both-cry-because-of-Young-Gul-and-Jae-Hyuk

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