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[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 3

Here we recap and discuss episode 3 of Love Rain.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

As In Ha finishes his song “Love Rain”, the others applaud his performance, unaware of its inspiration.  Dong Wook immediately guesses that it’s the girl that In Ha fell in love with in 3 seconds and thinks that that’s what In Ha will announce.  However, they’re taking by surprise when In Ha instead says that he’s joining the army.  I guess that’s one way to avoid dealing with your best friend moving in on your girl.

Yoon Hee rightfully suspects that she’s the reason that he’s going to the army early and goes for a walk.  In Ha finished arguing with his friends and goes in search of her.  They meet on the wooden pathway over the water and Yoon Hee asks him if he’s really going because of her and Dong Wook.  In Ha denies it, saying that he really wanted to go because everything was too complicated.  He then finally admits that he was painting her and not just including her in the scenery.  He apologizes for telling her so late and then we have a voiceover of him regretting not being able to tell her how much he actually liked her and how much it hurt to leave her.  I would like to feel sympathetic to him, but he started this whole mess so that’s on him.

They’re back home now and In Ha has decided to stop by the cafe where Dong Wook is working.  He seems his friend come in and dedicates the last song to him.  As In Ha sits down, Chang Mo mentions to him that Dong Wook really seems mad at him.  After everyone else leaves, In Ha tells his two male friends that he’s leaving tomorrow because his parents want him to come home before he goes to the military.  Chang Mo asks him what he’s going to do about the radio show and In Ha says that they should be fine just practicing a little bit before they actually had to go on.  Oh, I guess their little trip was just to celebrate then.  Dong Wook gets pissed at him because he knows that In Ha has a reason for doing this and storms out.

We’re now at In Ha’s dorm where we see him packing up his belongings when he finds Yoon Hee’s diary, which of course he never gathered the courage to return to her.  You hear her entry about how love isn’t always about being happy and this segues to Yoon Hee studying at the library.  As she leaves, Dong Wook is there to meet her.  He asks her out on a date and she hesitates in answering.  Dong Wook then guilts her into agreeing by saying that tomorrow is normally a sad day for him so he wants to go out with her to make it a happy day.

The next day, In Ha is walking by a jewelry store where he sees some watches in the window and remembers Yoon Hee’s story about her mother’s watch.  We then cut to him putting his paintings away at school where he has Yoon Hee’s diary and a “mysterious” small box in his hand.  The box, of course, has a watch which Yoon Hee gets from the teacher that In Ha dropped it off with.  He includes a note saying that he wishes for her to be happy no matter where he is.  Really, guy?  If you’re going to sabotage your friend’s relationship with the girl you like and who clearly likes you, at least stay around to collect the prize.

As Yoon Hee walks out of the teacher’s office, Hye Jung and In Sook happen to be talking outside and they tell her that In Ha is going back home after the art club’s sketching trip today and that he won’t be back until before his military service.  Hye Jung convinced something has happened to him, but doesn’t know the reason.  In Sook, on the other hand, is more concerned about what will happen to the radio show because she wants Chang Mo to do well in life so that she can be taken care of when they get married.  Hah, the girl is forthright about her intentions, gotta give her that.

While in class, Yoon Hee thinks things over while gazing at the watch.  She decides to go see In Ha and walks out of class, surprising both Hye Jung and In Sook.  As she leaves though, she drops In Ha’s note on the ground but doesn’t notice.  Doesn’t take a genius to see how that’s going to come into play later.  She quick finds out where the art club is going and goes in search of him.  Meanwhile, In Ha is walking by a movie theatre and he remembers his promise to see “Love Story” with Yoon Hee if he can find a place that still shows it in the countryside.

We then cut back to Hye Jung and In Sook ending their class and of course the former finds In Ha’s letter to Yoon Hee.  She recalls seeing Yoon Hee staring at the watch and immediately realizes what’s going on.  In Sook is dense about it and wonders why he’s write it to her.  They come across Chang Mo who cheerfully greets then, but is silenced by Hye Jung’s glare.  She accuses Chang Mo of being a liar and knowing everything, and storms off.  Since Hye Jung didn’t specifically say what she was talking about, Chang Mo is confused at first but he quickly figures out what she’s angry about.

Chang Mo barely makes it to the art room ahead of Hye Jung and blocks In Ha’s locker.  Hye Jung demands that he get out of the way and he refuses at first, but is pushed away by In Sook.  As Hye Jung opens the locker, her suspicions are confirmed and she sees multiple paintings of Yoon Hee as well as Yoon Hee’s diary.  Really, In Ha?  The paintings, fine, you can’t hide those, but at least keep the diary on you.  Meanwhile, Yoon Hee has reached the site of the art club’s trip, but is informed that In Ha left already.

Back at school, Dong Wook is cheerfully ignorant of what Hye Jung has discovered and is carrying a huge bouquet of Baby’s Breathes for Yoon Hee.  He reaches the place where he’s supposed to meet her for their date but finds his friends instead.  Dong Wook jokingly asks them why they’re interrupting his first date with her, but notices that they’re being more serious than normal and asks if they’ve had a fight.  Boy are you in for a surprise.

Yoon Hee is now back in town and sees that “Love Story” is still playing at this particular theatre.  It starts to rain and she’s forced to take shelter in front of the theatre.  A movie just ends and the patrons walk out, which includes In Ha.  They are surprised to see each other and In Ha asks what she’s doing there.  Yoon Hee says she came because she thought that if she didn’t, she’d never get the chance to see him again.  In Ha has the 2nd most unjustified look of surprise on his face at her confession and says nothing.  The first would be Lee Byung-Hun’s surprise Kim So Yeon’s character confesses to him in ‘Iris’, which is a great drama btw for those that haven’t seen it.

The two then go back inside and Yoon Hee finally gets the chance to see her parents’ favorite movie. Yoon Hee is focused on the movie, but all In Ha can see is her.  Afterwards, they rush back to the train station, hand in hand, but they’ve just missed the last train back to Seoul.  They sit down on a bench and simultaneously ask each other what to do.  Some random old lady then comes up and says they should spend the night since it’s almost curfew.  The old lady sees them holding hands and they immediately let go of each other, In Ha stammering that it’s not like that between them.  As In Ha goes to check the schedule for the next day, the old lady tries to convince Yoon Hee to stay the night.  In Ha quickly comes back though and says they’re going to take a different train.  Yoon Hee is confused at first, but In Ha explains that there’s a train that goes to the Eastern Sea and asks if she wants to go to the beach.  Ah the things you do when you have nothing to lose.  Yoon Hee smiles and nods in agreement and they go outside to wait for the train.  As they’re standing on the platform, some of In Ha’s classmates, who also missed the train, happen to spot them.

Back in Seoul, a heart-broken Dong Wook is waiting for Yoon Hee in front of her house.  Hye Jung and the others have decided against telling him what they’ve discovered and just said the Yoon Hee had to leave in the middle of class to go somewhere.  At the same time, Chang Mo is calling In Ha’s house but they find out that he not there.  Hye Jung is not happy to hear he’s not at home, but Chang Mo tries to cover for In Ha, saying that he must be back in his room.  She’s not that easy to get rid of though and says she’s going to their dorm.  Of course he’s not there, and Chang Mo says that he must’ve stayed overnight for the art club’s trip.  Hye Jung, on the other hand, suspects that he’s with Yoon Hee.  Chang Mo starts rambling about her having to stay the night because it’s close to curfew when Hye Jung collapses in tears.  We then see that Dong Wook is out past curfew and is being chased by police.

On the night train, In Ha and Yoon Hee spot a baby and take turns making faces to make it laugh.  In Ha then writes on the window and tells Yoon Hee to breathe on the class so she can see what it says.  She does and sees that he’s written “are you happy?”  When she sees it, she smiles and adds an exclamation mark at the end, changing it to “happy!”  I know it supposed to be a cute scene, but I rolled my eyes a little.  A food cart walks by and In Ha asks if she’s hungry, but Yoon Hee says no.  However, she’s betrayed by her grumbling stomach and says that she is now.  They decide to buy hard-boiled eggs and give each other the on that they peeled.  Later, In Ha is sketching Yoon Hee while she sleeps, but when he sees her head falling, he quickly moves to support her.

The train arrives at its destination and Yoon Hee quickly wakes In Ha up.  Once again it’s raining and they share an umbrella as they walk towards the beach.  It quickly stops however, which is fortunate, as the high winds blow it away.  In Ha quickly takes off his jacket and gives it to Yoon Hee.  However, he’s still hesitant about holding her hand.  You buy her a watch, she’s come to see you, dropped all these hints for you, and you STILL can’t hold her hand properly?  Yoon Hee, who must be as frustrated as I am with him, gets fed of his indecisiveness and decides to grab his hand first.

Now that Yoon Hee has made the first move, In Ha is reluctant to let her go and we see them sitting on the beach.  Yoon Hee starts humming In Ha’s song and asks if he’s finished it.  He says no, and she then asks if they want to finish the song together, and adds “it’s not a sad song anymore right?”  And I thought the two couldn’t get sappier than they already are.  In Ha immediately complies and starts singing.  Yoon Hee then continues the lyrics, which basically confesses that she’s fallen for him.  I guess In Ha wanted verbal confirmation and so quickly moves in to kiss her on the cheek.

As the two walk back, they’re laughing and smiling.  However, back in Seoul, an angry Hye Jung wakes up from her sitting position in In Ha and Chang Mo’s room.  As she storms out, she steps over a sleeping Chang Mo, who decided to camp out on the porch outside.  He wakes up and yells for her to wait for him.  Back at the beach, content that the densest guy in the world has finally gotten her hints, Yoon Hee is sleeping on In Ha’s shoulder.  We then hear a voiceover of In Ha saying how much he loves her and that he wishes that they could stay together forever.  You could’ve if you had manned up earlier instead of stepping aside, but minor details.

Back at the school, Hye Jung and Chang Mo are discussing what could’ve happened to In Ha in the art room when In Ha’s classmates come in, the same ones that also happened to miss the train.  Chang Mo is relieved and asks where In Ha is, but they tell him that someone came for him.  Hye Jung asks if it was a girl with long hair, and they say that it was and that the two of them went to the East Sea.  Dun Dun Dun…

We move out to the outdoor auditorium where Chang Mo is trying to cheer up a devastated Hye Jung.  In Sook shows up and mentions that she saw Dong Wook, but didn’t tell him about In Ha and Yoon Hee because Chang Mo said not to.  He’s relieved and heartlessly says to Hye Jung not to say anything either.   At this point, Dong Wook comes across them and says In Ha has called him out to the cafe to talk.  He then asks her about Yoon Hee and In Sook immediately starts acting suspiciously.  Hye Jung at first seems like she was going to spill the beans, but says instead that she hasn’t seen Yoon Hee and asks if he’s mad that he got stood up.  Chang Mo immediately tries to clear the mood, but Hye Jung has had enough and storms off, leaving a very confused Dong Wook.

In Ha and Yoon Hee finally arrive back in Seoul and Yoon Hee stumbles as she leaves the station.  In Ha touches her forehand and confirms that she has a fever and that she should go to the hospital.  As they’re waiting for the bus, Yoon Hee asks if she can go with In Ha to talk to Dong Wook.  In Ha says that he wants to talk to him first, and so Yoon Hee gets him to promise that he won’t take all the blame himself.  In exchange though, In Ha has Yoon Hee promise to go to the hospital.  He then tells her that she should go first, but she says that she wants to see him off first. Gag.  I guess Yoon Hee’s the guy in the relationship.  Before In Ha leaves though, he turns and smiles, saying that he might visit her at night.  He also mentions that he likes her watch.  Just had to put that in there didn’t you.

When In Ha gets to the cafe, he’s surprised to find all four of his friends waiting and not just Dong Wook.  Dong thinks he’s decided against joining the army and apologies for being mean to him, saying that he was just angry that In Ha didn’t talk to him about it first.  Sorry to burst your bubble, player, but here comes the bombshell.  Chang Mo tries to stop him, but In ha finally tells everyone that he’s liked Yoon Hee from the start.  Chang Mo then punches In Ha and gets mad at him for blurting out the secret that he’s been trying so hard to protect for him.  In Ha then gets up from the ground and walks away.  We then cut to Yoon Hee, who clearly has more than a fever, and she collapses to the ground after getting off the bus.

Back at the cafe, Chang Mo is trying to do damage control but Hye Jung gets mad at him for sticking up for In Ha.  Hye Jung then tells Dong Wook that Yoon Hee went to see In Ha last night instead of him and the two of them went to the East Sea.  Dong Wook, who has just been sitting there in silence, then gets up and walks away.

Back in the hospital, Yoon Hee wakes up and asks a nurse what happened.  She’s eventually discharged from the hospital, but is still clearly very weak and stumbles her way home.  As she gets there though, she finds Dong Wook waiting for her.  He asks her if it’s true, and Yoon Hee can only apologize.  She says that In Ha didn’t do anything wrong and that she should’ve said that she liked In Ha from the start.  Yeah, I don’t think that’s what he wants to hear right now.  Dong Wook tells her not to take In Ha’s side in front of him and that he can never forgive In Ha now before stumbling off.

Back in their dorm, Chang Mo runs into In Ha writing on his desk.  In Ha tries to apologize, but Chang Mo says he doesn’t want to talk to him.  As the episode ends, we see Yoon Hee smiling to herself in her room before running out.  In Ha also had the same idea and is waiting for her outside.

Final Thoughts

I can’t believe it took verbal confirmation for In Ha to finally make a move.  Let’s disregard all the hints she’s been dropping for him prior to this episode.  She came to see him because she thought she might never get a chance again, agrees to go on a trip with him, act all lovey dovey to the point of gagging while on the trip, AND HE STILL CAN’T HOLD HER HAND.  He’s apparently already decided he’s going to screw up his friendships over this, why all the hesitation?  It’s also a pretty cowardly move putting all this on Yoon Hee because he’s made her a pariah among his friends, but he’s running off to the military.  I really hope that that’s the writer’s intention and he’s supposed to be this cowardly to set a contrast with his future self.

They really need to finish up this past arc sooner rather than later.  It’s getting redundant constantly hearing Yoon Hee talk about how love is about being both sad and happy, hearing her talk about “Love Story”, etc etc.  Given that they’ve already said In Ha is going to the military and Yoon Hee seems like she’s going to have some kind of illness, I’m sure they’re going to be splitting soon and we finally jump to the present day.

What’s also getting redundant are all their rain scenes.  Yes I know the title of the drama, but come on.  This all could’ve been wrapped up in this episode so we can be whisked to the future whether their children will presumably not fail in their relationship.

I’m also having a hard time connecting to any of the characters; perhaps because I know they’re not going to be the mains for the majority of the drama.  Yes In Ha and Yoon Hee will be there in the present, but the story is going to revolve around their kids, I’m sure.  Dong Wook, I’m still not buying the attraction to Yoon Hee, so he gets no sympathy here.  If she really was the girl for him, why did he wait so long to try to find her?  Chang Mo and In Sook are your typical support characters so it’s hard to get that attached to them.  I do feel bad for Hye Jung though and it’s a shame that her character wasn’t used in the future arc.  In Ha, I think my feelings about his character are quite clear.  Yoon Hee is the one character that I actually have some affinity for if for nothing else I feel her frustration dealing with In Ha.

I’m not necessarily saying that this drama is bad or anything, but they really need to give viewers a reason to care soon or their already low ratings are going to drop even lower.


8 responses to “[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 3

  1. °‹ ωȟατ ɐνɐȓ !̵ ¸ April 8, 2012 at 3:37 am

    thanks for recap
    i really like you are post
    waiting for ep 4 and 5 and more
    tmro is gonna ep 5 be
    i reaallly wanna see it

  2. Pingback: [Recap3] Love Rain: 3 seconds to fall in love – Episode 3 « JANG KEUN SUK Fan Club

  3. inn April 8, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Personally, both main cast are there not because they are good but because they are popular. It will turn out better if they put one good actor vs. one popular actress, vice versa. I’m not going to watch it past this episode anymore.But, I’ll rely on you for the recaps.Thanks again.

    • kpopencarta April 9, 2012 at 9:34 am

      I actually do consider Jang Geun Suk to be a good actor, but his character is incredibly boring. The same goes for Yoona’s character as well and I think a big reason why the ratings have been so awful. However, I do think that the fourth episode was a huge step forward and they finally jumped to present time so even if you skip the next episode, I would give episode 5 a shot to see if you find that storyline more to your liking.

  4. godsprada November 13, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    What is the song played when In Ha and Yoon Hee was watching the movie?

  5. LawyerJjang November 24, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    It seems very sweet but he should have been at least a little more manlier like Dong-Wook who wasn’t afraid to say he liked her. Oh well. I hope though In-ha gets her. They look really cute together.

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