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[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 15

Here we recap and discuss episode 15 of Dream High 2.  Caution, spoilers below.  Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens.

JB and Rian finish their duet to the applause of both the hospital audience and those watching at the school.  Meanwhile, backstage, Si Woo is trying to intimidate Hong Joo by saying it must be hard going up right after JB.  Hong Joo doesn’t care and says as long as one person likes it, it’s okay.  Gee, wonder who that person could be?  Speaking of that person, Nana shows up and says it’s her turn.  She grabs Hong Joo by the hand and runs off, much to Si Woo’s dismay.

Rian, somehow, has already made it back to the school and meets with Hye Sung.  Seems they’re bffs now and Rian even tells Hye Sung that she will sing any song that she composes in the future.  JB is there too, and he angrily wheels away when he sees Hye Sung coming.  He’s mad that Hye Sung told him that she wanted him to sing a duet with Rian not her.  JB then says that she has to buy him a meal first to make it up to him.

Now it’s Hong Joo’s turn to perform and he says he wrote it with just one person in mind.  Nana seems touched, but Si Woo who is standing next to her isn’t pleased.  He then performs his own real life composition “Sunflower”.

During the performance, Yoo Jin looks and sees his mother, who immediately stands up to leave when their eyes meet.  He follows her outside and confronts her about why she’s not trying to hold onto him even though she’s his mother.  Yoo Jin then tells her that she needs to listen to his song first before she can go.  Once he’s on stage, Yoo Jin admits that he lied about his parents dying and to his past.  He then dedicates his song to his mother: Jin Woon’s own song “Sorry”.

Backstage, Rian happily tells him that he did well and is glad he listened to her.  She even jokingly asks if he likes her.  To top things off, she even plays with his face.  Meanwhile, we see Hye Sung and JB sharing a meal.  He takes away the chopsticks that she was using and gives her back the pair that she bought him.  JB refuses to admit they broke up and tries to get her to promise to stay with him until his leg heals.

Back at the competition, Producer Shin is announcing the final member of his Super Idol team.  Ui Bong, Hong Joo, Si Woo, Ailee, and Yoo Jin have already been selected.  The last selection is, of course, Rian who placed first in the last round.  Producer Shin also says that since JB also placed first, he will give him a chance to try out later after his leg heals.  He also extends this chance to Nana when her voice heals.  Producer Shin then says that they will be the opening act for the EMG World Tour in a month.  In a conflict with the original Dream High timeline, Ui Bong mentions that Sam Dong won this and Hong Joo says that after that he released his Grammy Award winning record K.

Afterwards, Producer Shin talks to Hye Sung.  He mentions that her first composition was taken by Ye Eun, and her second composition won first place so she should give some thought into learning composition formally.  To this end, he gives her an envelope with an application to Berklee College of Music, one of the best music schools in the world, and tells her that he’s gotten her an internship position with the American office of EMG.  Hye Sung hesitates a little, which prompts him to tell her that she has until the end of the month to decide and that an opportunity like this doesn’t come often.

Meanwhile, the teachers are talking in their office when Teacher Ahn sees an application for Kpop Star in the hands of JYP.  He at first says that he’s doing it for the students, but Ji Soo tells him that he should give it a shot since his skills last time at karaoke weren’t bad.  Really JYP?  You’re going to even going to advertise for a show that you’re a judge for?

Next we see Seul meeting with her dad.  She tells him that she’s going to ignore college and be a manager of all things.  President Lee tells her that if she wants to take over the family business she should go learn economics.  Seul, however, sees no point in it since she’d just learn from him anyway whether it’s now or after she graduates.  He then says that she can try managing the Super Idol group and if she can get them a gig, he’ll acknowledge her.  Yeah, because that’s going to be a hard sell with the members of 2 popular idol groups.

Now that the group is set, JYP has them in a little pow-wow and talks about teamwork.  He then says that even when they hate each other, they should somehow turn that negative into a positive.  To  accomplish this, he asks them to list the worst thing about each person and how that might be turned into a good thing.  The group is able to do it for Ui Bong, Hong Joo, and Yoo Jin, but with Rian they just conclude she’s a jerk and there’s nothing good about that.  This is probably the only scene in the episode that I actually found entertaining.  Seul then comes up to them and breaks the news to them that she’s their manager.

We then see Seul taking the measurements of all the boys with Rian watching.  She praises Yoo Jin’s measurements, which only inflates his already supersized ego.  Hong Joo’s measurements, on the other hand, are less than spectacular and she tells him to go on a diet.  When it’s Ui Bong’s turn he refuses to let her saying she’s not a stylist.  They argue a bit and end up in each others arms, obviously the whole reason why they even bother putting in this whole scene.  We then see Seul introducing the group to a producer who likes the idols in the group, but the regular guys…not so much.

Now we see Hye Sung visiting JB in the hospital.  She’s been there so often that even the nurses are recognizing her.  Meanwhile, JB is talking to a doctor who says he’s not sure what could happen if JB overstrains himself again.  She then thinks about what Producer Shin said about her opportunity and is excited to see JB has his cast off.  He, however, is not happy that she’s happy because he thinks she’s trying to run away from him, which she is.

Rian is now giving the non-idol guys in the group a lookover.  Guess it’s been some time already since JB is already walking and he shows up with Hye Sung. Him and Rian then give them lessons on how to be an idol.  First lesson is to always look good because you don’t know when someone will take a picture, which JB fails.  Next is an fake interview, which JB also fails.

Hye Sung apparently did turn in her application to Berklee and was already accepted.  Yoo Jin sees it and congratulates her, saying she grew up well under his guidance.  However, she says that she’s not actually going to go.  Yoo Jin then pretends to tear it up and she gets mad, revealing her true feelings.

It’s now time for their debut performance and we see them getting ready.  JB and Hye Sung stop by and Yoo Jin pretends to be very close to Rian to try and make JB jealous.  He then says that since JB lost, he can kneel to him now.  However, JB’s leg is still hurt and Yoo Jin jokingly says that JB broke his leg just to get out of their bet.  Never mind that JB actually won the last round, but logic doesn’t seem to matter in this drama.

As they go on stage, they run into miss A and Suzy greets Rian.  However, they don’t even bother trying to say whether it’s Suzy from miss A they’re meeting or Go Hyemi from the original.  And in an attempt to further shamelessly promote miss A, the song that the Super Idol group is supposed to perform is miss A’s latest song “Touch”, though only the intro plays and they don’t actually perform it.

We now see, once again, JB and Hye Sung eating.  JB then fakes an injury to his arm and has Hye Sung feed him, even though in the next sentence after saying his arm hurts he picks up a glass of water.  Hye Sung starts to tell him about her being accepted to Berklee, but he interrupts her.

JB’s leg has apparently healed to the point where he can practice lightly.  He then receives a call from Producer Shin who tells him about Hye Sung’s opportunity.  JB then says he’ll go talk to Hye Sung about it .  After he leaves, he runs into Soon Dong, who is depressed that she wasn’t picked to be a part of the team.  When JB implies that he might abandon Hye Sung, Soon Dong gets mad at him and tells him not to even think about it.  JB denies it, and says he’s the one being abandoned.

He then finds Hye Sung playing the B-Class song and he starts dancing to it.  He says that he’ll get back on stage and that when he leaves, it’s best for them to just break apart happily.  JB then tells a story about how his dad used to cut off the strings of kites when he was little and they would happily send off the kites into the sky.  He then hands her his finished rubix cube as a final present.

Rian is practicing dancing when Ailee drags Nana into the practice room.  They talk about how Rian’s changed and that even a month ago she didn’t like to practice.  Rian says that was before when she was just in charge of HersheE’s beauty, but now she’s going to overtake both of them in terms of skills.

Back in her room, as she’s packing up, Hye Sung finds the K-amulet and reminisces about JB’s dance when she first returned to the school.  Not quite sure when she got it back , but loopholes seem to be the name of the game with this drama.  We then see her walking around the school and flashbacks of her time there.  As Hye Sung walks out of her room, who should be there but Rian.  She hands her the K-amulet, but Rian says she doesn’t need it.  Rian then jokingly looks over Hye Sung and wonders what JB saw in her since she looks so average.  Hye Sung then smugly hands a puzzled Rian the rubix cube  and tells her that she’ll tell her after she solves it.

Hye Sung is now back home and eating with her family.  Her dad says that she should’ve invited JB, but the Super Idol group has a performance that day anyway.  Speaking of JB, he’s back at school and sees an apple that Hye Sung left for him in his locker.  Yoo Jin shows up and asks why he’s not seeing Hye Sung off at the airport.  JB asks Yoo Jin the same, and Yoo Jin says that he’s just a friend, not her lover.  As JB runs off, Principal Joo shows up and asks why Yoo Jin’s not chasing after JB.

So now I guess there is one more audition and Producer Shin is picking a solo artist?  What happened to them performing as a group?  Ji Soo notices that Yoo Jin and JB aren’t around since they’re apparently off to find Hye Sung, who is apparently at the airport with her family.  Guess Yoo Jin didn’t after all and he shows up in time to deliver a cheesy line about them all being winners.  We then see Jiyeon dancing on stage, but doesn’t actually sing.

Meanwhile, JB has reached the airport and is full on sprinting to catch Hye Sung.  At least they had the decency to show him grabbing his leg.  He catches and says that his leg is healed and she doesn’t have to worry about him.  They then have a touching goodbye scene and cry while holding each other.

Final Thoughts.

I really really wanted to like this drama, but enough is enough.  This episode completely and utterly turned me off and I’m not going to bother recapping the final episode.  The plot made absolutely no sense, the character development was negligible, and any storyline that might’ve remotely saved the series was killed off or not used.

One of my biggest issues was the inconsistancies with the original series.  At the end of the original, IU’s character Pil Suk is a kindergarden teacher and fat again, which means that since she showed up as idol, it must’ve been within the 8 year time jump of the original.  This conflicts with Ui Bong and Hong Joo saying that Soo Hyun’s character Sam Dong won the Grammy for his album K.  Suzy shows up as part of miss A so she has to be idol Suzy and not her character Go Hyemi who in the original went back to opera singing.  Eunjung’s character Baek Hee is supposed to be a teacher in this series, but she’s non-existent.  Both of the main teachers are still supposed to be present at the school as well, with Lee Yoon Ji’s character as the principal.  Again, not there.

I could discuss the other reasons why I disliked this series, but I think I pretty much covered it in my other recaps.  Sorry for those who wanted a recap for episode 16, but it’s not happening at this point.  Maybe sometime I’ll get bored and do it, but at this point, I’d rather recap Fashion King and watch King 2 Hearts, which I highly recommend as the first two episodes were very well done.




8 responses to “[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 15

  1. inn April 4, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    Awww, you came all the way, why not finish it off? The truth is, I sticked with this drama just for Jinwoon. This drama don’t need Hye Sung at all. Why don’t they just stick with Yoo-Jin love Rian while Rian is still rooting for JB and finally Rian saw the good in Yoo-Jin and chose him?! It’s simple and doesn’t give me a headache. The way they market this drama make me think that Yoo-Jin is the main lead, but, after they decided to put JB as the main lead, I almost jump off the train if not for Jinwoon calling for me. The other cast is, well, I’m not sure what to say about them because I think they did not help to spice up the story at all. It’s as if they were just put there to make me more confuse and angry. The whole story a rubbish. My poor Jinwoon. I hope he’s matured enough to say NO to JYP next time he decided to throw his money on rubbish. If they ever make Dream High 3, I don’t know what I’ll do. Except I may watch it if the cast include Nichkhun (not good in acting, not good in singing, but, he’s an eye candy), Seulong (he’s okay in Personal Taste), Junho or even Jo Kwon (they are funny in variety show and Jo kwon acting is kind of good).

    • kpopencarta April 5, 2012 at 9:22 am

      I might do a quick recap of ep 16 this weekend, but this episode turned me off so much that even 2 weeks later I still have little desire to actually watch it. I wouldn’t necessarily say Hye Sung was unneeded per se, but they did a terrible job of developing the characters anyway so even without it this would have been awful. I’ve never seen a drama like this that lacked both meaningful conflict and general humor.

      • inn April 8, 2012 at 9:20 pm

        Pleaseeeeeee, do it for me. I’m sorry that I’m pushing you for another gruesome recaps. But, I already jump of Dream High 2 train after episode 14. For episode 15 and 16, I just skip to all Jinwoon related part only. Need to erase all the episode that I have download. BTW, do you have anything else that is good to watch except the one you’re recapping? Thanks.

      • kpopencarta April 9, 2012 at 9:30 am

        Still have no desire to watch the last episode, but one drama I highly recommend right now is King 2 Hearts. The chemistry between all the cast members is evident from the get-go and all the actors do a solid job portraying their characters, especially Ha Ji Won.

  2. Jandi August 8, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    i really like you for recaping the episode thankx hope you can tell some other must see dramas

  3. Ian December 12, 2012 at 12:32 am

    I don’t know if you are still checking these comments or not, but could you please briefly explain the part you didn’t like about song sam dong winning the Grammy? But yeah I agree, the IU and suzy thing really killed this one for me, and i wish that eunjung was a teacher instead of kahi. The original Dream High was wayyyyy better imo

    • kpopencarta December 12, 2012 at 5:08 pm

      It’s not that I didn’t like Sam Dong winning the Grammy, what I didn’t like was that the timeline with this drama was in direct conflict with the timeline of the original.

      • Ian December 19, 2012 at 10:06 pm

        So in the original he didn’t win the grammy, but in this one he did? (And that couldn’t have happened cause like you said it would have to be within the time IU retired and got old and fat and stuff.) Yeah the IU and Suzy thing really bothered me. Thank you for your reviews by the way, they were very interesting to read!

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