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[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 14

Here we recap and discuss episode 14 of Dream High 2.  Caution, spoilers below.  Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens.

This episode rewinds a bit and we return to when Hye Sung tells JB that they need to break up.  JB is taken to the hospital where he drops his spoon as they wheel him into the emergency room.  Hye Sung spots it a picks it up, tears streaming down her face out of concern for JB as well as the realization of what she just did.  At the same time, Rian meets up with her mom as she’s being led into the police station.  After they have a touching exchange, reporters ambush Rian again and ask her for a statement.  Before Rian can answer, she receives a text telling her about JB’s accident.

She’s the first of their friends to reach the hospital and asks Hye Sung what happened.  When Hye Sung doesn’t answer her, Rian loses it and demands to know how she let him get hurt like this even after saying she’d protect him.  She then tells Hye Sung to leave and never show herself around JB anymore.  At this point Yoo Jin and Ji Soo show up to pull Rian off of Hye Sung.  The other three then leave apparently as the doctors come out and only Ji Soo is there to get the news: JB is no longer in critical condition but at the very least he has a torn ACL.

Meanwhile, Rian is alone in JB’s room, concern for him written all over her face.  A nurse comes in and drops off both JB’s spoon and Hye Sung’s chopsticks, saying that a fan dropped them off for him.  The camera then cuts to Hye Sung staggering out of the hospital with Yoo Jin close behind.

Back at the school, Producer Shin tells Ji Soo that the audition will continued as planned.  Ji Soo tries to convince them to hold off because JB’s accident will affect those involved, but Producer Shin won’t hear it.  He cites how JB didn’t even go to his father’s deathbed before and a case in Ji Soo’s past as reference that if singers are truly committed, nothing should stand in their way.

Guess Nana and Hong Joo could care less about JB as they’re just happily singing together.  We then see a flashback of all their scenes together throughout the series.  Predictably, Si Woo shows up at the end and asks why they’re together.  He notices they have matching backpacks, and Hong Joo smugly says that Nana bought it for him.

Yoo Jin goes into Hye Sung’s room and finds her sitting underneath her desk.  He tries to tell her that JB’s okay and they should go see him, but Hye Sung refuses.  She says she doesn’t even have the right to cry for him and says she wants to be alone.  He is disinclined to acquiesce to her request and instead picks her up and carries her in his arms out of the room.  Only when she promises not to sulk does he put her down.

Back at the hospital, Rian walks out and is met by reporters asking about the situation with her mom and JB’s condition.  She then decides to end her silence and give a formal statement.  As she’s talking, we briefly cut to JB waking up in the hospital and throwing off his blanket to see his leg in a cast.  As Rian’s talking, Ui Bong, Seul, and Yoo Jin are watching it back at school.  Ui Bong comments that Rian seems to really care about her mom and jokingly says she’s different from a girl who wants to slander her dad on stage.  Seul glares at him and punches him several times in the arm.  Rian then ends her statement by apologizing for all the recent scandals and that she wants to see JB back on stage quickly, who is also watching the newscast.  As she’s walking away, a reporter asks Rian about rumors that JB might not be able to fully recover, but she has nothing to say about it.

After meeting with the reporters, Rian goes back into JB’s room and tearfully beats him.  JB takes it all in silence, and tries to calm her down.  Rian picks up one of his shoes and throws it him, demanding that he put it on and try to run away from her again.  JB just smiles kindly at her and says he will when he gets better.  She then apologizes for hating him and wants to hear from him that he’ll be able to dance again.  JB puts on a smile and says he’ll be fine.  The camera then cuts to Hye Sung who was standing outside the door listening.

It’s nighttime now and we see Rian wheeling JB on top a rooftop.  He jokingly says that he hasn’t seen her cry in a long time.  She tells him not to comfort him since it makes him weak to him, causing him to smile.  Rian tries to keep a straight face but smiles at him even though she says it’s not a situation to smile about.  JB then says that he hasn’t seen her smile in a while either and shows Rian his impression of her all this time, causing her to laugh.  Rian still denies that she’s feeling jealous about him, but JB just says she still looks pretty even when she’s jealous.  He then suggests that her upcoming performance be about herself.

Rian seems to take this to heart and as JB’s sleeping, we see her working on her song in his room.  As Jiyeon’s OST “Day by Day” plays in the background, we see a brief flashback again of her meeting Eden and the other HersheE girls.  Then we come back to the present time and Si Woo bringing JB a care package of mecha figurines and manga.  Then we see another visit of him with a guitar and singing the same song that Hong Joo sang to Nana.  JB and Nana, who is also in the room, are laughing at him, but Hong Joo looks less than amused.  As the three walk out, we see that Si Woo now has an identical backpack to Nana.  We then cut to JB attempting to walk by himself at night.  The final scene during the OST is Yoo Jin once again visiting his mom’s shop but not actually going in.

At the school, Seul is practicing Big Bang’s “Dirty Cash” with Ui Bong’s help.  He tries to convince her otherwise, but she’s determined.  She then tells him that she’s going to study abroad.  Cut to a quick flashback where Seul’s telling her dad that she’s decided which school she wants to go to.  However, she wants to confirm first why he’s sending her away.  President Lee says that he just wants her to be able to fulfill whatever dreams she might have in the future, but Seul just says that maybe her dream was to go to school with him.

Now we see everyone with Teacher Ahn, who asks them who they’re going to be singing for in the audition.  Si Woo and Hong Joo are going to sing for Nana, of course.  Ui Bong confidently states that he and Seul are going to sing “Dirty Cash” for President Lee, but Seul stops him and says they’re still thinking.  Yoo Jin says he’ll be singing for world peace and Korean reunification, but retracts that and says he’s not sure yet.  Hye Sung, of course, says she’s singing for JB, but Rian has decided against JB’s advice and says she’ll also sing for him.  When asked they’re going to sing, they both shout out simultaneously that it’s a self-composed song.  The others comment that they’re tired of this love triangle, leading Si Woo and Hong Joo to have a short but rather amusing spat of their own.  Once again, Ailee is nowhere to be found but Nana is there to take her place.

Later on, Rian once again confronts Hye Sung at her locker.  Rian thought that Hye Sung was going to listen to her about backing away from JB, but Hye Sung just smiles at her.  She then cryptically says that it must be fate that Rian will sing for both the first and the second time.  Puzzled by her comment, Rian questions her about it, but Hye Sung just smiles.  We then cut to a flashback where Hye Sung is talking to Producer Shin about breaking the rules.  He asks her why she thinks he’ll allow her request, and she says that they both know she doesn’t belong on that stage, so there’s nothing for him to lose.  She just wants to return what she’s been given.  Of course, her request is that JB and Rian sing her composition, not her.

Next we see Rian pushing Yoo Jin into his mother’s snack shop.  She recognizes him, but doesn’t say anything.  He remains silent as well.  Rian happily orders the food and gushes over how good it is.  No acting involved here and this is just Jiyeon here not Rian.  After they pay and leave, Rian asks him why he didn’t say anything to her.  She says he should’ve said that he misses her, and doesn’t hate her.  Yoo Jin denies it, but Rian calls him a liar and says he’ll regret it later if he doesn’t take this opportunity.

Now it’s time for the audition, and we see that Hye Sung’s dad and sister have come to listen to her sing, if only they knew.  Backstage, Rian and Hye Sung wish each other good luck and share a knowing smile.  Back in hospital, JB discards the hospital utensils and pulls out the set Hye Sung bought for him.  Hye Sung then appears and says she needs a favor from JB and hands him the sheet music for her composition.  We then see Yoo Jin back at him mom’s shop peaking in at her.  She sees him, but he runs away before she can meet him.  However, he has left her a ticket for the idol audition.

Today’s first stage is Seul and Ui Bong.  Seul says she’s singing for the person she hates the most in the world, causing Ui Bong to mutter that she’s crazy with a live mic.  She says that she realized that she’s doing the same thing that he did, doing things that the other hated, but that because of him he’s made some good friends.  To this end, she’s decided that she’s going to try to like him a little.  They then perform “Balloons” by DBSK back when they were a full 5-member group.  As they’re singing, Seul takes a balloon with “Milky Way” written on it, her dad’s old band, and hands it to him.  Ji Soo and Principal Joo joke with him that it must be nice to have his daughter as a fan and that it’s okay to smile.  Everyone else, including Teacher Ahn and JYP are shocked.

Right before Hye Sung takes the stage, we see Rian and Yoo Jin’s mothers walk in.  Without naming anyone, she gives a passionate speech about how a friend helped her when she was feeling down and how that friend almost lost his dream because of her.  As a favor, she’s going to let that friend sing here instead of her, along with another friend of hers who cares for the first friend more than she does.  A screen drops down and we see a video of JB in the hospital preparing to sing.  He says that the person who was supposed to sing with him can’t make it so he’ll do his best for her as well.  Right when Rian’s part comes up, she shows up with mic in hand and starts singing.

As the episode ends, we see flashbacks of her explaining to Producer Shin that she wants to give her stage to JB.   We also see her giving the sheet music to Rian when they met at the locker.  We also see her giving JB the sheet music in the hospital and asking him to perform the song for her.  In exchange though, he says she has to buy him lots of meals and apples from her dad’s farm.  He still seems hesitant to do it, but agrees when she starts crying.

Final Thoughts

After the disaster of the last episode, I had my worries coming into this episode.  However, I found this one to be enjoyable to a certain extent.  I’m still not happy about the haphazard character development throughout the series, but at this point in the drama, everything’s pretty much set.  I’m sure next episode will focus on Yoo Jin’s reconciliation with his mother and we’ll see who gets picked for the final lineup.

I could go on analyzing this episode, but at this point, it’s probably best to just sit back and enjoy the show.

Special Bonus:  I really liked all the performances in this episode, honestly.  You can check out the official MV of JB and Jiyeon singing Hye Sung’s composition “Together” here.  Check out below though for the drama performance of it, along with Jiyeon’s OST “Day by Day” and Jr and Jung Yeon Joo’s performance of DBSK’s “Balloons”

Jiyeon – “Day By Day”

Jr and Jung Yeon Joo – “Ballons” by DBSK

JB and Jiyeon – “Together”


2 responses to “[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 14

  1. Hayate October 22, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    I love this drama also ending of this cause cute jb x hea sung and yoo jin x rain r together and jb u r soooooooooo hot your smile killing me love u also yoojin

  2. Hekmat iran October 22, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    Jb u r so cute your smile oh my god sooooooooooo cute u like my little brother love i wanna see you in another drama and you r super star love u

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