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[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 13

Here we recap and discuss episode 13 of Dream High 2.  Caution, spoilers below.  Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens.

So I guess even though Hye Sung was actually chosen as the worst member, somehow JB was eliminated?  Somehow JYP and Teacher Ahn switched seats too, but minor details.  As expected though, Rian and Yoo Jin win this round.  Backstage, Yoo Jin compliments Rian on her acting and asks her if she knew that it was going to be an elimination challenge.  Rian denies it and asks why he doesn’t seem happy he beat JB.  Yoo Jin says he just wanted to win, not push them out of the competition.  Rian is sure there’s a reason why JB was eliminated despite not being chosen as worst member and indicates that Hye Sung was the reason.

Hye Sung goes to talk to Producer Shin and confirms Rian’s suspicions.  He tells her that JB was not voted off the island, but was in fact disqualified because he picked her as a partner.  In his eyes, JB was not concerned with winning the competition, but only to stand on stage with her.  As such, Producer Shin saw that as him giving up.  As this is sinking in for Hye Sung, JB comes up to her and tells her it’s okay since he’s been kicked out of auditions before.  Really?  He’s the one eliminated, but he’s consoling her?  JB then rehashes his line from an earlier episode that she’s not pretty when she cries.

The next day, Rian sneaks into Yoo Jin’s room and wakes him up.  Yoo Jin is shocked and at first resists, saying he wants a break, but cracks when Rian tells him she made him breakfast.  He accuses her of liking him and at first Rian smiles…and then beats him with a pillow.  On this way to breakfast, Yoo Jin stops by next door to visit JB, who is back to his normal hair color for some reason.  JB acknowledges losing and says he learned that having fun on stage is more important than winning.  So much for promising your dad to reach the top.

I don’t know why Rian invited everyone to breakfast instead of her just her friends, but it is what it is I guess.  Yoo Jin noticed that JB pulled out his spoon and asks him about it.  JB just says that he has it so he can eat wherever he wants.  The other guys in Yoo Jin’s group comment that Rian seems different with her mom, but Yoo Jin, having seen her meddling with Rian earlier, seems pensive.

Meanwhile, Hye Sung, who wasn’t invited of course, it out and about when she runs into some fan girls who are angry that she got JB eliminated.  Rian, who was sent out for chopsticks earlier, happens across them and surprisingly sticks up for Hye Sung.  After taking pictures of them, she tells the fan girls to beat it or else she’ll go to the police.  Rian then turns to Hye Sung and asks her how she intends to protect JB if she can’t even protect herself from the girls.  Hye Sung has no answer for this, but suspects Rian knows something that she’s not saying.  Rian then tells Hye Sung all about President Lee’s plan for JB, that the reason why he started the Super Idol Auditions and everything was just to make JB a star.  Rian then says she’s telling this to Hye Sung, not because she’s worried about JB, but because she’s worried about her.  Hye Sung is rightfully suspicious, but Rian just says she’s doing it because if not for Hye Sung, she wouldn’t have figured out how far she can go on her own strength.

Producer Shin, after getting inspiration from Hong Joo’s video of him serenading Nana, decides that the theme for the next audition is a song for a single person.  Teacher Ahn and JYP add in their own ideas so now she’ll be in charge of helping them act and he’s going to teach them how to write their own lyrics.  Right before he leaves, Producer Shin tells them that this is the final audition and he’ll decide on his group from this.  The group realizes then it really seems like JB is out.  Meanwhile, Ji Soo tells JB to stay out of the audition classes and also tries to cheer him up a little.

Nana through seems to be recovering as we see her singing Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely?”.  Hong Joo and Si Woo are outside watching her, concerned that she might be overdoing it.  Nana notices them and goes out to talk to them.  She then mentions that she hasn’t seen JB in a while, to which Si Woo says that he hasn’t seen him around much either.

Guess they’re not looking hard enough since Yoo Jin finds him sleeping on a table somewhere.  He tries to pay around with him and tries to make a bet, but JB is in no mood and walks away.  After Yoo Jin won’t leave him alone, JB asks him why he’s doing this.  Yoo Jin flippantly says it’s because he’s JB’s pacemaker.  Well he certainly got over that fact quick considering only last episode he punched JB in the face for it.  Yoo Jin wants to bet that if he wins, he wants JB to retry for the audition so he can kneel in front of him on stage.  JB says no, which prompts Yoo Jin to try for Hye Sung, but JB stops him mid-sentence.  Yoo Jin denies trying to get Hye Sung and instead says he was trying to say shoes, not “Shin”.  JB scoffs at him, but agrees to these terms.  This leads to round 3 of JB vs Yoo Jin in basketball, but this time it seems to be a free-throw contest.

JYP is teaching the students about lyrics and shamelessly promotes one of Byul’s old songs, one of his former artists.  Ui Bong says it’s too hard so JYP tells them to just practice writing with sincerity and breaks them up into groups of 3.  I don’t know why Ailee’s not here, but somehow Nana’s back and takes her place?  At any rate, Rian is grouped with Yoo Jin and Hye Sung, and JYP tells her to share some stories from her trainee days.  She tells them about her “difficulties” as a trainee and they make Rian realize that it’s only because she was with her friends that she was able to make it through.  She then spots JB hanging around outside, reading comics, and says all it took was a single look or comforting word from her friends and things would be okay.

After class, Hye Sung is out and about ordering food when she hears some fangirls gossiping around her.  They’re not even bothering to keep their voices down, but are somehow surprised when Hye Sung turns around to talk to them.  Meanwhile, the fan girls are obvious to the fact that JB is just sitting at a nearby table.  He notices the poetry books that Hye Sung has and asks her about them.  She says it’s to help her find motivation for the upcoming audition.  JB reads a line and says it’s too hard, and that she just needs to write a song just for him.

Back at school, Rian and Yoo Jin are working on their lyrics too.  Yoo Jin grabs Rian’s lyrics and starts teasing her about them, causing Rian to give him another beating.  She then looks at his notebook and asks if she can take it, to which he agrees.

Meanwhile, Ui Bong and Seul are doing the same.  Ui Bong starts off singing JYP’s “I Have A Woman”, followed by Seul’s short cover of SISTAR’s “How Dare You.”  Seul then selects Big Bang’s “Dirty Cash” to sing to her dad, but Ui Bong sings it here instead.  Speaking of dear old dad, he’s busy watching her performance in the B-class song in his office when he receives a phone call, but does not pickup.

Now it’s time for Teacher Ahn to teach the class acting.  Hong Joo and Nana are acting out a scene where she’s confessing to him, but before it gets to the climax, Si Woo predictably comes in and stops them.  Seul and Soon Dong do their act, followed up by Yoo Jin and Rian acting out a scene from Secret Garden.  The most entertaining act, though, was Ailee and Ui Bong acting out Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun’s goodbye scene from the original Dream High.  Rian and Hye Sung arguing over a fictional guy was pretty funny too, which was from the drama ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’.  Ui Bong tells Seul he’s impressed with Rian’s acting, but Seul rightfully points out that neither she nor Hye Sung were acting during that scene.

Afterwards, Rian sarcastically compliments Hye Sung about her acting and asks if she really believes her line about memories only being memories.  Hye Sun replies that if you live in the past, you can’t have a future.

Yoo Jin is walking around when he spots Hye Sung holding several boxes.  He opens one of the boxes and it turns out it’s presents from antis mad at her about JB.  Yoo Jin gets mad at her for putting up with it and decides now’s the best time to confess to her. Right…  He then says he’ll become more famous than JB.

Later on, he walks into President Lee’s office and gives him back the signed contract.  He says as long as he can beat JB, he’ll do anything.  The two question his motives, but accept the contract anyway.  Yoo Jin then goes to Principal Joo’s counselor’s office and tells him he caused trouble.  Principal Joo freaks out, but then is relieved when Yoo Jin tells him that he just signed the contract.  He then opens up to him about his feelings about Hye Sung to which Principal Joo sympathizes since he wanted to impress his wife too.  We then cut to headlines of Yoo Jin’s exploding popularity, which Hye Sung seems to be watching.  JB’s around too, but he’s sleeping yet again.

We then see Seul talking to her dad in his office.  Her mom apparently sent some information for some schools, which confuses Seul since her dad resisted sending to her mom at first and told her to stay a year at Kirin.  President Lee tries to explain himself, but is interrupted by a phone call from someone who mentions Rian’s mom.  Wonder what trouble she caused this time.

Yoo Jin and Rian are being interviewed for a show, and they bring up Yoo Jin’s past.  He’s reluctant to do so and lies and says that they’re dead.  Rian comforts him by placing her hand on his.  While this is going on, we find out how Rian’s mom has screwed up her daughter’s life yet again.  Apparently, dear mom’s been selling counterfeit clothing and apparel in an online shopping mall under Rian’s name.  The other students find out about it on the news and immediately rush over to tell Rian.

They’re too late, however, as reporters burst into the school after the shoot ends.  Ji Soo doesn’t even try to stop them as they stream past her to talk to Rian.  Rian’s friends are literally seconds too late as they run in right behind them.  When the reporters start asking questions, Ji Soo finally steps up, but it’s Hye Sung and Yoo Jin who actually do something, the former dragging Rian away while the latter steps in front of the reporters and helps their friends block them.

While they’re hiding in the stairwell, Rian asks Hye Sung why she’s helping her.  Hye Sung says that she’s returning the favor for helping her with the fangirls before and that she’s good about things like that.  Rian says they’re the same in that regard and that she’s starting to agree with what Hye Sung said before about living in the past.  Hye Sung then decides to ask Rian about why she and JB broke up in the first place.  Rian obliges her with her story about breaking up on the day JB’s father died because he wanted to keep his promise with his father to be the best.  She then lays on the guilt by saying that JB stopped his dream because of Hye Sung.

Though Ui Bong and Hong Joo are asleep, Yoo Jin is hard at work on his song.  Hye Sung is also still up and writes in her notebook that her dream is that JB will live out his dream.  Insomnia seems be common tonight as Rian can’t sleep either.  Si Woo’s sleeping, but is woken up by JB’s phone ringing, plus points by the way for having T-ara’s “Lovey Dovey” as the ring tone.  JB, however, is nowhere to be found, so Si Woo answers the phone for him.

Seems Hye Sung was the caller on the other end and we hear her conversation with Si Woo while she goes through the hall searching for JB.  She eventually finds him practicing, but decides not to interrupt him.  Hye Sung goes into a different practice room and recalls Rian’s story about her trainee days and uses that as motivation to try to compose a song.

The next day, JB is awoken by his phone, which Si Woo turned on vibrate mode, and sees a text from Hye Sung telling him to meet somewhere today.  When they meet, Hye Sung gives him the song that she wrote last night and tells him that she wants him to sing this song at his next concert.  He says that he’ll be happy to sing it with her on stage, but Hye Sung says that she belongs in the audience.  She then tells him that the JB that she likes is the one that shines brighter than others, not the high school version of his normal person that she sees and that it’s time to break up.  Even though JB tells her that he’ll get back on stage, Hye Sung won’t budge in her decision.  She quotes back Rian’s saying from the stairwell earlier about how stars shine from afar, but close up they’re nothing special.  He then chases after her and we have one of the more cliche scenes in dramas where he goes to save a kid who ran into the street to chase a ball.  As the episode ends, and JB is sprawled out on the ground after getting hit by the truck, we see that Hye Sung has written that the song is for JB and Rian.

Final Thoughts

No way to sugarcoat this: I absolutely hated this episode.  In the span of two episodes, JB goes from being pissed off that he wasn’t picked to be the first super idol to a sleepy bum who seems to have no motivation at all.  But he’s secretly practicing at night so he must still want to follow his dream right?  Maybe, but it’s sure not coming off that way.  He broke up with Rian to chase after this dream after promising his dad that he’d become the best.  I guess Hye Sung is more important to him than family.  He’s doing it for love, it’s so romantic right?  Wrong, he’s just giving up on his potential for reasons that aren’t believable other than to further the convoluted plotline of this drama.  And what was with the change in hair color.  To show that he’s reverted back to Jang Ho Jae instead of the star JB?  Did his power level run out so he’s not Super Saiyin anymore?  Ridiculous.

And what was with Yoo Jin’s half-hearted confession to Hye Sung?  Was that an attempt to try to get them back on track in advance of her breaking up with JB?  Him telling her that he’s going to be a star is supposed to be an early reference to her saying that she likes JB when he’s on stage so then maybe she’ll like him too?  That whole scene really felt like an afterthought for me.

This is a really minor thing, but where was Ailee throughout this whole episode. She showed up once to do the acting scene with Ui Bong, but that’s it.  Why did Nana take her place in the lyrics class?

I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but the complete and utter lack of tension in this drama bothers me.  There are negligible last conflicts throughout the entire series and there’s no real clear line between rivals and friends in this drama.  Unlike the original Dream High, which did this as well to a certain extent, neither group has any reason to care about each other.  Why is Rian making breakfast for everyone?  Out of the kindness of her heart?  She’s shown no inclination to charity before this, so why now?  Rian’s done nothing for Yoo Jin’s group, but all of a sudden they’re storming reporters to keep them at bay for her?

I don’t think I’ve disliked a drama episode as much as this one, but at least this means it has nowhere to go but up.

Special Bonus: You can listen to Hye Sung’s composition “Together” for Jiyeon and JB here.  There weren’t any performances of note in this episode, but here’s cuts of their acting scenes.


3 responses to “[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 13

  1. thekoreanjjang March 17, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    they should’ve just stuck with one season….freaking jyp. i don’t know what these writers are thinking. lets hope for some epic cameos to finish off the last two episodes of this mess.

  2. Anonymous August 1, 2012 at 12:03 am

    What’s the song with park Han byul?

  3. Anonymous August 15, 2014 at 12:52 am

    IfJB e broke it off for this reason back then with RA IN, why is Hye Sung okay for him now?

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