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[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 11

Here we recap and discuss episode 11 of Dream High 2.  Caution, spoilers below.  Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens.

As the Eden boys are celebrating their “rebellion”, President Lee and Producer Shin are watching them with amused smiled.  They are playing right into the two’s plan to make them better artists so what’s not to be happy about?  Meanwhile, up on the walkway, Teacher Ahn tells Ji Soo that it seems that she managed to move the hearts of the idols.  As JB and Rian hold hands and smile at each other after their “One Candle” cover, Hye Sung looks on with disappointment.

Eden’s disbandment has obviously shocked the entertainment industry and Yoo Jin is watching the news report of it while ordering a coffee at a cafe.  The server seems to recognize him and right on cue, the news report mentions him as a “Super Idol” and competition for the Eden boys.  The fan girls immediately crowd around him trying to get an autograph.

Back at school, Yoo Jin managed to escape them and meets up with his team again.  They’re concerned that because of the increased publicity surrounding them, the idol group will now beat them in the next round.  The news report also mentions that the idol group and Yoo Jin’s group split wins in the audition, which I guess means that the idol group’s video got more hits.  Only Hye Sung seems unconcerned as she instead focuses intently on JB on the TV screen.  Yoo Jin teases her about being jealous, causing her to yank off one of the buttons of his uniform.  The others comment that JB and Rian looked good together and that maybe the rumors about them dating weren’t untrue after all.  Hong Joo is also depressed at this, saying that idols just date other idols.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, Hye Sung insists that JB is just a friend and tells herself that it’s all a misunderstanding.

The tabloids are, of course, jumping at the possibility of JB and Rian being a couple as well, which causes President Lee to call in the two to discuss the situation.  He tells them to deny the rumors and to just get along well.  He mentions that JB told him that they’re on the same team, for which Rian seems more touched that she should be and thanks him.  After Rian leaves, JB asks why President Lee seems okay with the rumors of the two dating.  He tells him frankly that if he’s going to have a dating scandal, it’s better to be with Rian than the lowly Hye Sung, who he compares to a wad of gum.

After JB leaves, Rian is waiting outside for him and tells them that they have a photo-shoot later in the day.  She thanks him for thanking her for coming back, saying that it gave her strength.  As Rian walks off, JB watches her with a conflicted look on his face.

Meanwhile, Hye Sung is trying to get Yoo Jin to take off his jacket so that she can sew the button back on.  Since she’s sewing on the one that got pulled off, Yoo Jin says she may as well help him tighten up the other ones as well since they’re loose.  Yoo Jin actually compliments her on her sewing skills, and Hye Sung tells him a story about her childhood and she used to sit next to her mom while she sewed her buttons back on.  Yoo Jin then inexplicably leans forward and kisses her on the cheek.  Hye Sung is shocked by this as well and immediately pulls back.  He tells her that it was an accident and that she was asking for it since she had her head cocked to the side.  As Hye Sung storms off, Yoo Jin just has a content smile on his face.  Awkward much?

Producer Shin then announces the theme for the next mission: a love proposal.  Hah, nice way to use JB and Rian’s scandal to their advantage.  He then talks about the different types of love, the first of which is love between friends, which is highlighted by Si Woo spotting Nana back at school and pinches her cheeks like she did to him before.  As they walk off, Si Woo puts his arm around her, causing Hong Joo to feel jealous as he watches them, highlighting his second point of one-sided love.  The third type he talks about is the jealousy of love, which is shown by Rian finding Hye Sung’s drawing of JB in his bag.  He then tells them that they need to pair up and those that are rejected or cannot find a partner for this mission are immediately disqualified.  Yoo Jin’s group then decides that they need to pair up with the idol group members since they get first picks and not have to scramble for partners later.

After the announcement, Si Woo and Nana are talking outside.  Si Woo jokes that, as a playboy, this mission was meant to be won by him.  Nana just laughs at him and rejects his initial proposal to pair up.  As they’re walking back inside, Hong Joo shows up and asks Nana to pair up with him.  Si Woo thinks he’s joking, but when it becomes obvious that Hong Joo is serious, the two start to “fight” a bit.  Nana just laughs at them, makes them hold hands, and says good luck before walking away.  One partnership formed lol.

Meanwhile, Ui Bong has his eyes set on Ailee and shows off his dance moves while she’s practicing.  Though it seemed way too easy in my mind, Ailee ends up accepting his proposal.  Soon Dong, on the other hand, is wandering the school looking for a partner.  Seul seems annoyed by her desperation and grabs her as she’s walking.  The two have a silent conversation and the third pair is formed.

Yoo Jin is practicing how to approach Hye Sung about it when she shows up in the practice room.  He asks her if she’s found a partner yet and then offers to save her since he’s the “Super Idol”.  Hye Sung immediately rejects his proposal, to Yoo Jin’s surprise.  As he hovers around her to try to get her to partner with him, JB is watching from the outside.  Principal Joo shows up and tells JB he loves him.  JB is obviously creeped out by this, but Principal Joo explains that sincerity is very important to girls and that JB should show Hye Sung his authenticity.  He then says to come to his office later and he’ll explain more.

At Principal Joo’s counselor’s office, he hears a knock on the door and thinks it’s JB already.  Instead, he finds JYP standing there asking if he’ll counsel teachers.  JYP says that he loves to dance, but every time he tries to do it for a living, his life gets turned upside down.  Principal Joo, who is determined to drive him away as soon as possible, hands him a form which will request that JYP not be an English teacher anymore, but a dance teacher.  JYP says that Principal Joo isn’t giving it much thought, but Principal Joo shoots back that he’s just saying what JYP wanted to hear all along anyway.  From his own experience, if JYP really wants to dance, nothing will stop him anyway so he may as well go with it.

Meanwhile, Rian finds JB and asks him who he’s going to partner with.  She uses the pity card and says that since she missed the first two audition that she needs his help to do well in this round.  At first he tries to weasel out of it by saying that other students can do well too, but she counters by saying that nobody else matches her as well as he does.  JB, the reluctant and confused protagonist that he is, says nothing but seems to tacitly agree.

Later on, the idol group and their partners are meeting with Ji Soo, who is going to teach them about matching their partner’s breathing and maintaining eye contact during couple dances.  The Ui Bong/Ailee and Seul/Soon Dong couples are there and it seems Nana’s taking both boys for herself.  To help with this, she calls in the school’s new dance teacher, JYP.  The students are confused since he’s an English teacher, and are convinced that they’re doomed if he teaches them.  To allay their fears, he then launches into a dance routine with Ji Soo, starting off with making her do the same knee bends that she made him do in episode 4.  Teacher Ahn shows up and sees them dancing, and jealously tries to imitate them by herself.  She fails, of course, and laments that her mom next let her take dance lessons.  She’s also concerned at how her group will do now that they’re mixed with the idols.

In the teacher’s room, she runs into Producer Shin and shares her concern with him, saying that the students will be confused at cooperating with their former enemies.  Not much of an enemy considering how chummy they seem already.  Producer Shin tells her that he did this on purpose.  He mixed things up so he can properly see each person’s ability.

JB is wandering around the school when he runs into Hye Sung and Soon Dong.  He follows them around for a while and eventually works up the courage to ask Soon Dong to leave so he can talk to Hye Sung alone.  Hye Sung tells her to stay and that she has nothing to say to him.  JB then asks Hye Sung to do the duet with her, which she refuses.  Ui Bong then runs up to tell them that Hye Sung’s father is here.

We then see Hye Sung’s family having a picnic with JB and Yoo Jin.  No wonder JB’s face lit up in the last scene.  As they start to eat, Hye Sung’s sister asks JB if he’s a womanizer and holds up a newspaper showing him and Rian together.  Once again, smart kid that Hye Bong.  JB says it’s all a misunderstanding to which Hye Bong says that her sister’s too nice to keep her boyfriend in line.   At this point, Hye Sung’s father steps in and says it’s none of his business but he doesn’t want Hye Sung to feel heartache.  Hye Sung is clearly embarrassed and says her father is joking, but Hye Bong is still mad.  JB asks her what it’ll take to make her not mad at him anymore and she says to take her to a karaoke bar.  He quickly agrees, but before they can start eating again Hye Bong spots Rian walking with Nana.  The two HersheE girls also see them and Rian is less than pleased at JB.

True to his word, JB brings Hye Bong to a karaoke room after lunch.  Yoo Jin goes first and sings a nursery rhyme, which does not sit well with Hye Bong.  JB steps up to the plate and starts singing IU’s “Marshmallow”, a song that guys should really not be singing and I’m glad that IU isn’t any more either as it’s beneath her talents.  Hye Bong is more much impressed with this and, while her dad is singing a church hymn, asks Yoo Jin why he’s here.  Yoo Jin insists that he’s close with Hye Sung, but Hye Bong says that her sister’s never mentioned him.  She then tells him that a one-sided love is very difficult LOL.

Meanwhile, Rian just happens to be walking nearby and Yoo Jin bumps into her as she’s looking at a street performance being setup.  Rian then says she need to talk to him and drags him off.  I guess Yoo Jin left early since JB leaves the karaoke place with Hye Sung’s family.  Some fan girls spot him and start taking pictures and following him.  More dating rumors incoming.  After Hye Sung’s family gets in the taxi to leave, Hye Sung tells JB that he doesn’t have to pretend to be her boyfriend to make her dad happy.  She asks him why he likes her, but he can’t respond as he sees the fan girls taking pictures. Hye Sung says that only in the movies does an amazing guy like him stay with a plain girl like her and that in reality he should be with Rian.

Rian has apparently decided to go clothes shopping with Yoo Jin and buys him a sweater since he carried her on his back twice.  As they’re walking back, Rian comments that the two of them will be causing their own scandal soon enough.  Yoo Jin says he thought Rian enjoyed her scandal with JB since she likes him.  Rian tries to deny it at first, but then retorts that Yoo Jin should start a scandal with Hye Sung.  Yoo Jin denies it, but Rian says that everyone knows he likes her except him.

Back at school, President Lee is talking to a reporter about pictures that the fan girls have uploaded regarding JB and Hye Sung.  He’s trying to do damage control and says he’s going to pull all of JB’s commercials because of this.  Producer Shin looks at this in a different light though.  Even if JB’s popularity goes down, it might benefit them in regards to Yoo Jin.

As Yoo Jin and Ui Bong are eating, President Lee walks up to them.  He mentions that Yoo Jin hasn’t once paid tuition in the past 3 years.  Yoo Jin says the school isn’t mean enough to cut him off and says he’s considered himself a scholarship student all these years.  President Lee implicitly threatens to kick him out, but says as payment he can instead go do this CF for him and walks away.  Yoo Jin at first rejects the offer, but Ui Bong convinces him to do it saying that Hye Sung might like him more if he’s on TV.

At the photo-shoot, a nervous Yoo Jin is introducing himself to everyone when he’s spotted by Rian, who is relaxing by a window.  Her face lights up when she sees him and laughs at him.  She then grabs him by the cheek and tells him not to embarrass her by being tacky.  When it’s Rian’s time to start the photo-shoot, she asks about JB and is informed he won’t be coming because of his scandal.

Back at school, the other students have heard about it as well as headlines flash about JB being a two-timer.  Ailee comments that JB’s image is now ruined while Hong Joo stands up for Hye Sung, asking why it’s okay for Rian to have a scandal with JB and not her.

Meanwhile, JB is meeting again with President Lee about this latest scandal.  President Lee then confides to JB that the whole reason he brought them to the school and started the “Super Idol” auditions was all for him to improve his abilities.  JB then asks if that’s the case, then why was Yoo Jin picked as the first one.  Producer Shin steps in and reveals that Yoo Jin was supposed to be JB’s pace maker all along.  Since JB seemed to be content with just HersheE and Eden, they wanted to fire up his competitiveness.  President Lee then says that JB just needs to pair up with Rian and the other rumors will go away.  JB then asks what happens if he does, and President Lee just says that while it takes time to rise to the top, the road back down is a lot quicker.  Rian happens to be outside and overhears this.

After JB leaves, Hye Sung runs across him and says he’ll explain everything.  JB says nothing and just keeps walking.  Hye Sung starts to chase after him, but is interrupted by Rian and the two go somewhere to talk.  She tells him that scandals like this are fatal to celebrities and that Hye Sung should turn down JB for his own good if he confesses to her.  Hye Sung, of course, questions Rian’s motives for this since it would benefit her as well.  Rian then says she should do it as a favor to her as a friend.  Hye Sung is confused at Rian’s statement, but seems to acknowledge that Rian might actually be looking out for JB if she’s actually calling her a friend when it’s just the two of them.

Back at the photo-shoot, Rian has abandoned Yoo Jin and he’s struggling with it.  He then spots a guitar nearby and after grabbing it has the confidence to complete the shoot.  Rock and Roll with outdoor gear…interesting mix of images.  After he finishes, he spots the newspaper with JB and Hye Sung and his mood immediately drops.

As JB is sitting in the dark in a practice room, his cover of Se7en’s song “When I can’t Sing” starts playing again and we see flashbacks of his relationship with Hye Sung.  The scene then cuts to Hye Sung standing on one of the school walkways and we see her flashbacks of their relationship.  Back in the practice room, JB dramatically drops the rubix cube and we fade to black.

Next we see all the idols preparing for a performance of some kind in the backroom.  Can’t be the actual test though since all the partners haven’t been settled yet.  Hong Joo is jealous as he watches Nana and Si Woo and Ui Bong is amazed at Seul’s look.  Really, you’re gonna try to do another love triangle in here?  At any rate, as Hye Sung and Soon Dong get ready, Rian walks up to them.  Soon Dong senses the mood, and quickly excuses herself.  Rian asks Hye Sung if she remembered what she said, to which Hye Sung just nods.  Rian then reminds Hye Sung that it’s for JBs sake, and not hers.  Speaking of JB, he appears to be a no-show at this point.

Apparently, tonight they’re only officially choosing their partners.  JB is still apparently intent on not showing and is hiding out in a practice room.  Yoo Jin finds him and tries to give him a pep talk by calling him a coward and convince him to come.  He goads him into coming by telling him to kneel on stage for losing to him before.  Yoo Jin’s words seem to have an effect on him and JB seems fired up now.

Back on stage, Producer Shin calls up the two groups and it looks like they’re going to do this Bachelor/Bachelorette style by giving out roses.  We then have a short scene with the teacher love triangle where JYP compliments Ji Soo by saying how good she looked when she wore dresses when she was part of her group Scream.  Teacher Ahn pettily shoots back by saying that that’s in the past and that Ji Soo has a little bit of a belly now.  I really do enjoy the little ironic lines they have in this drama; with this one especially considering Kahi is probably one of the most toned idols in the industry.

Now we get back to the idols picking their partner.  Ailee, of course, picks Ui Bong who excitedly grabs the rose with his mouth.  Si Woo at first looks like he’s going to pick Soon Dong, but Nana who is in the audience points at someone else.  He then stops in front of Seul, but she shakes him off again like a pitcher shaking off signs from his catcher.  Si Woo then finally picks Hong Joo much to the crowd and Nana’s amusement.

Since Soon Dong and Seul apparently paired up, only Hye Sung and Rian remain as JB and Yoo Jin are nowhere to be found.  However, the boys make a dramatic appearance and JB immediately goes on stage and passionately confesses that he likes Hye Sung and that there are no reasons for it.  As he bends down on one knee and offers her the rose, everyone in the audience is shocked, except for of course President Lee, who is just disappointed in his young protégé.  Producer Shin asks Hye Sung if she’ll accept his proposal and the series finally has its first cliffhanger after 11 episodes.

Final Thoughts

After the last two disappointing episodes, I’m glad this one got back on track a little bit.  We get more development of the relationships between each of the four leads, though Yoo Jin and Hye Sung’s needs a lot of work.  It’s still not believable to me that he actually likes her and the kiss scene was just really awkward to me.  I touched on this before, but I still don’t like the general lack of tension between them either even though they’re supposed to be rivals.

I would have liked for the producers to have at least pretended that other students tried out for this idol competition.  Why is it we only see the performances of the two groups?  Were the others just eliminated with us seeing them?  At least they could’ve given it a little bit of lip service somewhere along the line.

I’m also not a fan of this little love-triangle they seem to be trying to start with Ui Bong, Seul, and Ailee.  With the teachers, I can accept that since they did it in the original series and they at least started it early on.  With this one though, I think the screen time could be better used elsewhere.

Special Bonus: Im Jae Bum(JB)’s cover of Se7en’s “When I Can’t Sing.”  It’s one of my favorite songs of so far this year and you can read our review of it here.


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