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[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 10

Here we recap and discuss episode 10 of Dream High 2.  Caution, spoilers below.  Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens.

We start the episode by rewinding back to when the B-team first composed the song.  JYP admits he’s trolling us with this song by asking them whether they think they can beat the sure-to-be amazing performance of the idols by singing “B…B…B…”  He then tells them to express what they think when here each part of the song.  Once they do, he says their choreography is done and rides into the sunset.  Back to the performance now, the crowd apparently loved their children’s song, even Ji Soo who was making fun of them in the previous episode.  Seul even has a moment with her father when their eyes meet, who I think should’ve been the only one cheering for that performance since it’s what he always wanted from her.

Now it’s time for the idols to perform.  Nana is apparently having problems with her voice again, but refused to go to the doctor like Si Woo wanted her to.  She nods when he asks if she’ll be able to complete the performance and agrees to go to the doctor afterwards.  We lead off with Ailee’s solo dance and cover of BEAST’s “Rainy Days”, then segue into JB and Si Woo’s performance of John Park’s “In the Rain”, and finishes their group performance of Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain”.  However, at the high note, Nana’s voice fails her.  Everyone is shocked at her mistake, but the group quickly continues as if nothing happened.  Rian, who is watching from the hospital, seems concerned for Nana as well.  She has, however, tossed the flowers that JB gave her into the trash.

Now that all the performances were done, Producer Shin tells them the true meaning behind his hint.  What he wanted was to see how groups would react to unforseen circumstances, having a plan “B” in other words.  He points out that the Hye Sung made a dance mistake, but because her teammates acted quickly, nobody noticed.  He goes onto say that the idol group failed in this regard, because they allowed Nana to sing even though they knew her voice wasn’t in good condition, and paid the price for it.

After the performance, Teacher Ahn’s group is celebrating with her homemade bibimbap.  They’re convinced they got first place and are happily eating when JB walks in and kills the mood.  Yoo Jin thinks he’s here to kneel in front of him for losing, but actually Hye Sung invited him to eat with them.  When asked if he’s sad that Yoo Jin won, he says that he’s just happy Hye Sung won.  This leads the others into thinking they’re dating, which Hye Sung emphatically denies, delighting Yoo Jin.  Ui Bong then notices that Hong Joo isn’t eating.  He says he just has no appetite, but is obviously concerned about Nana’s condition.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nana finds out he has vocal cysts in her throat.  Surgery is an option, but there could be side effects like her voice changing or a decreased range.  Because of this, she then decides that she’s going to quit school.  Ji Soo refuses to accept it, since Nana tells her the doctors said it was a flu, and tells her to just rest for a while and make a decision later.

Afterwards, JB is waiting in the practice room when Si Woo and Ji Soo walk in.  She asks where the other are and Si Woo says Ailee took Nana to the hospital.  Si Woo is mad that Nana is taking all the blame and that they admitted her to the hospital. He thinks it’s the President’s way of getting rid of her like he did with Rian.  JB tells him to calm down, but he turns on his partner saying that he’s probably glad that Nana’s gone because she was better than him.  JB says that’s not true since they’re a team, but then Si Woo brings up the fact that he wanted to go solo in the beginning of the series and storms off.

Teacher Ahn is holding class with her group about public perceptions of idols when JB walks in and says he wants to join since nobody else is in his class.  There’s conveniently an empty seat next to Hye Sung and the two engage in a very forced lovey dovey exchange.  Yoo Jin interrupts them by throwing a piece of chalk at JB and the two have a brief fight in which Yoo Jin accidentally kneels in front of JB, much to everyone else’s amusement.  They eventually start drawing and Yoo Jin is displeased to see JB helping Hye Sung out by holding her mirror so she can draw herself.  Principal Joo sees this and thinks that JB likes her, but JYP, who happens to walk by, disagrees with him.  Principal Joo says that, from his own experience, for idols like JB, normal girls are more attractive than idols.  They then sneak in the fact that he’s now the new student counselor.

Meanwhile, Ji Soo is trying to convince President Lee to not disband HersheE.  She says she can get Nana to come back, but President Lee won’t hear of it.  Between Rian’s issue and Nana’s vocal problems, he is of the opinion that they can’t continue properly as a group even after their ban is lifted.  Seul, for some reason, just happens to be listening in and looks disappointed with her dad even though he really didn’t say anything I felt she should be mad at him for.  They notice her there as well and he looks shocked that she overheard them.  Again, why he’s so shocked, I have no idea.

At the hospital, Rian receives a text from Si Woo telling her that Nana was admitted to the hospital she’s in for a cold.  Seems Nana is intent on keeping this a secret even from him.  Ailee, however, is in on her condition and covers for her when Rian asks why the nurse says she’s taking tests if it’s just a cold.  She tries to show concern for her, but Nana shrugs her off.  Rian is hurt by it, since Nana was always friendly to her, and says she’ll just ignore them like they did her.

Back at school, Teacher Ahn’s group is continuing their lessons by drawing their own images of themselves.  Yoo Jin’s was my favorite as he just draws a star shape and the word rock and roll next to it.  Seul and Ui Bong trash each other’s pictures and walk over to see that Hong Joo drew a picture of Nana.  JB, on the other hand, drew a picture of Hye Sung.  She’s embarrased by the attention and when it’s her turn to show her picture, she refuses, saying it’s not done yet.

Yoo Jin is now meeting with Principal Joo and asks him if he’s doing the right thing regarding the Idol auditions.  Principal Joo asks him what happened to the “rock spirit” he was always talking about, but Yoo Jin just says that now he has someone he wants to beat.  He then brings up Producer Shin’s pacemaker analogy, to which Yoo Jin says that if he was in a marathon, he wouldn’t be the pacemaker, he’d be in it to win it.

Back in the classroom, Hye Sung is still working on her self portrait.  JB is still hanging around for some reason and, because he’s bored, he decides to snoop through Hye Sung’s bag.  He finds her sketchbook and sees all the drawings she’s done of him.  She’s embarrassed that he saw them and asks her to give it back, but he playfully plays keep-a-way with it.  The two tumble and, of course, she ends up falling on him with their faces just inches apart.  After they separate, it’s obviously awkward between them and he rips out one of the pictures and takes it as a “modelling fee”.  President Lee just happens to see this, and he is not pleased.

Producer Shin announces the next challenge: they have 12 hours to upload a video, and the most views after another 12 hours will be the winner.  Ui Bong says they lost this one for sure since the other team is all idols, but Yoo Jin points out that only JB is left.  Hong Joo isn’t there for the announcement because he’s busy making Nana’s hospital bed.  He brought her a rose and a penguin stuffed animal, but Si Woo then walks in with a giant bear the size of him.  The two are surprised to see each other there and Si Woo tells Hong Joo not to spread any rumors about this.  Si Woo then busts out a suitcase full of food and drinks for Nana, much to Hong Joo’s dismay since he already lost in the stuffed animal competition.  He even brings her One Piece manga, which I would highly recommend reading as it’s a good series.  Si Woo finally notices Hong Joo’s penguin, but Hong Joo is too embarrassed to admit it’s his.  Hong Joo then quickly leaves, without seeing Nana.  After Hong Joo leaves, Si Woo receives a call from JB, but decides not to pick it up.

It seems JB only called him to prove to Teacher Ahn’s group that he can’t contact the other members of his own team.  He says he’ll help them with their video first if they’ll help him with his later.  At first he asks for Hye Sung, but Yoo Jin won’t let him so JB asks for Yoo Jin then since he just needs someone to hold the camera. They then proceed to run through various ideas that they feel will make the viewer laugh or feel moved, as those are 2 criteria that Teacher Ahn identified as for why videos get alot of views.  Hong Joo then shows up, but he’s visibly depressed and just walks away.  A deliveryman shows up with food, courtesy of JB, and this all of a sudden makes him okay in Yoo Jin’s book.

While Hong Joo is moping in his room, Hye Sung and JB stop by to cheer him up.  He tells them that he wasn’t able to see her and so Hye Sung decides to drag him to see her.  When Nana arrives back in her room, she is happy to see the wall decorated with all sorts of animals.  Bet Si Woo wishes he hadn’t told Hong Joo earlier that Nana likes the zoo.  Plus points too for making Si Woo’s bear angry by adding eyebrows and the universal anime angry mark on its forehead.  He then dramatically pulls back the curtain he was hiding behind and starts playing the guitar.  He talks for a little bit and then starts playing 2AM’s “This Song”.  Hye Sung, JB, Yoo Jin, and some nurses are listening to his performance outside, when JB receives a call and immediately goes back to school.

Seems Ji Soo wasn’t able to convince President Lee and news breaks that HersheE is disbanded.  Rian’s mom is distraught at the news, and she remembers a conversation she had earlier with President Lee about this.  Rian seems to take the news better and is calm as she walks over to Nana’s room.  On her way, however, she overhears two nurses talking about a patient with vocal nodules being the reason why HersheE broke up.  Oops.  Rian immediately goes to Nana, but she’s no longer in her room.

Back at school, JB is out looking for answers of his own.  As he reaches the door to the President’s office, he overhears President Lee and Ji Soo arguing.  Ji Soo begs President Lee to reconsider, but he doesn’t budge.  He thinks she’s become overly attached to the girls because she’s reminded of how her own group, Scream, disbanded.  President Lee then pulls out Nana’s medical and tells Ji Soo of Nana’s condition.

When Yoo Jin and the others get back to school, they’re praising Hong Joo for a job well done with Nana.  Hye Sung asks if they’ve seen JB, but the other say they haven’t seen him.  He apparently waited for Ji Soo to leave and is now talking alone with President Lee.  He tells JB not to concern himself with HersheE and to focus on the upcoming auditions so that he’s not beaten by Yoo Jin.  He also hints that he knows about him and Hye Sung and to make sure he gets back to the top.

Meanwhile, Rian is on the phone with Si Woo, frantic that she can’t find Nana since she was discharged.  As they’re talking, Rian seems to have an idea and runs off.  Si Woo also seems to have thought of something, and starts driving off in his car.

Back at the school, Teacher Ahn’s group is still brainstorm for their idea.  Producer Shin walks up to them and compliments Hong Joo for already being an internet star.  He also mentions it was great timing since the video was released at the same time as HersheE’s disbandment.  Before he leaves, he adds that sincerity really does get through to people.  The group is confused about what he’s talking about, but Teacher Ahn quickly appears and shows them the video someone uploaded of Hong Joo Singing to Nana.

Si Woo and Rian apparently had the same idea and reach the practice room at their company where Nana has locked herself in.  He breaks down the door and the two try to comfort her.  Si Woo still doesn’t know about Nana’s condition, but she finally tells him.  Nana laments the fact that her voice is everything to her, which upsets Rian since she feels that Nana doesn’t value their friendship.  At this point, JB shows up as well and says that Nana can get better with treatment and that they’ll protect her to the end.  Ailee then shows up and the idol group is back together.  JB and Rian look at each other and we have another flashback to their trainee days.

We see the first time Rian meets Nana and Ailee.  They were told she’ll be in charge of visuals in her group and inspect her face.  She passes their test, but they start laughing when she tells them her real name, Lee Ji Kyung.  Nana then decides that her new stage name should be Rian.  The eDen boys then walk in and the girls try to protect their new friend from Si Woo, who they jokingly say is a player.  The five of them then pose for the camera.

Back at the school, Hye Sung is busy doing her math homework when Seul wakes up.  Hye Sung tells her that when things get confusing for her, she does math problems to unwind.  Seul’s method for dealing with problems is to just cut them off.  She confides in Hye Sung that there’s someone she likes, but the guy keeps doing things that make her angry.  Her dad, obviously.  As they’re talking, they hear a crowd outside and go investigate.

As Producer Shin and President Lee are driving, President Lee receives a call saying something happened at school and so turns the car around.  The Eden boys are holding an impromptu press conference and announce their disbandment.  They thank President Lee for the opportunity they gave them, and vow to return as better artists under Producer Shin’s care during the Super Idol auditions.  As a final gift to their fans, they start singing a song that they apparently sang with the HersheE girls as trainees.  This turns into a flash mob to g.o.d.’s “One Candle” with everyone smiling and singing along, including Teacher Ahn and Ji Soo who are watching from a walkway above them.  At the end, Rian and JB realize they’re holding hands, but rather than break apart, just smile at each other.

Final Thoughts

I don’t even know where to start with this episode.  It was definitely another step back in my mind, that’s for sure.  The whole interaction with Hye Sung and JB is way too sappy and it’s not really doing much for the story.  I am also not a fan of how JB keeps flipping between each side.  Every time they build up a sense of conflict between the two groups, he just goes in and ruins it.  Yoo Jin seems legitimately annoyed at JB, but he buys him a meal and everything’s okay?  I also don’t like how quickly Nana’s issue seems to get solved.  In a span of just one episode, she goes from being depressed that she’s going to lose her voice to being happy again because of her friends.  The flash mob scene also seemed really out of place for me.  Maybe it’s because I’m comparing it to the end of Dream High where that was pretty much the final resolution for everyone, but this seems like it should’ve also been at the end.

While I also think that this resolution was a bit fast, I was actually okay JB resolving his issues with the other idols.  Their biggest concern with him was that they felt he didn’t care.  Publicly disbanding Eden without President Lee’s consent to them was a bold move that showed he is actually on their side.

All in all, I was very disappointed with this episode and I hope it gets back on track.

Special Bonus:  HersheE and Eden performing g.o.d.’s “One Candle”.  While I didn’t like the timing of it, I really enjoyed the performance itself.  Jiyeon and Ailee rapping was definitely the highlight.



5 responses to “[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 10

  1. Anonymous June 3, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    .hmff i like dream high ..this is my favorite korean movie
    i love u ginoooo
    gino ❤ kelly
    gelo ❤ jayson

  2. Lema hotak October 16, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    I am big fan of jb x jin yoo jin i love them cause of his stayal

  3. Lema hotak October 16, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Hi jb u r soooooooooo beautiful and your smile killing me not me also my sister shaguf:D;)

  4. Kurly korean March 21, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    The holding hands part is probably a sign to show reconciliation and not the fact that they like each other.
    As we know jb already likes sin haesong
    I’m just putting my input wouldn’t it be nice if Jr and the presidents daughter end up together?
    I just thought abt it….they make a good couple.
    I thought that jinyojin would be the main guy but turns out its jb, I’m not dissapointed because his character changed…
    And I’m glad that (I donno her name so I’ll call her the mean girl) she’s becoming nicer and her “true” personality is coming….so that’s good…
    Dream high 1 had its own nostalgic feeling….
    But I realised so does dream high 2…..its like this happy good feeling that makes me jump for no reason

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