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[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 9

Here we recap and discuss episode 9 of Dream High 2.  Caution, spoilers below.  Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens.

As Yoo Jin carries off Rian, he’s met by JB and Hye Sung.  JB tells him to get in the car so he can drive her to the hospital.  At first Hye Sung wants to go with them, but her sister tells her not to go, perhaps sensing how much JB cares for Rian and so doesn’t want to see her sister get hurt.

When they get to the hospital, Yoo Jin carries Rian inside while JB gets Rian’s phone to contact her mom and the president.  Yet again, despite her repeated denials, Rian shows she still does care about JB as the code to unlock her phone is his birthday.  When Rian wakes up, she tries to keep her cool image and asks why Yoo Jin carried her here since she was under the impression that he hates her.  Yoo Jin then mentions JB’s role and Rian’s face turns dark.  Speaking of JB, he chooses this moment to make his appearance.  He barely gets a few words out when Rian orders him to get out, saying her cares more about Hye Sung.  JB sees Rian is in one of her moods and so walks away without saying a word.  Yoo Jin watches JB walk away, noting the obvious concern on his face, but when he turns back to Rian he sees she’s passed out again and calls for the nurses.

Back at the school, news of Rian’s embarrassing event has reached the other students as they are looking at pictures of it on the TV screen.  Not sure how they could’ve possibly gotten them since I doubt anyone was taking pictures of a pageant in the middle of nowhere, but I digress.  Soon Dong is mirthfully commenting on Rian’s fall from grace, but her idol friends do not share her view.  Si Woo correctly deduces that Rian wouldn’t have gone there without a fight and volunteers to look into it.  Ailee is not concerned about Rian but about how their HersheE image is now damaged.  Soon Dong asks the girls why Rian went without her and Ailee starts to say that Rian’s hasn’t been listening lately.  Before she can continue, however, Nana quickly covers her mouth, raising Soon Dong’s suspicions.

Back at the hospital Rian wakes up and asks Yoo Jin how long she’s been out.  He teases her about snoring in her sleep as an idol and tells her that her mom will be here soon.  As soon as she comes, Rian’s mom overreacts like usual and rattles off Rian more questions than Rian can answer.  She says that Rian should be moved to a hospital in Seoul, but Rian says it’s not necessary and that she can just be discharged soon.  Her mom starts to ask more questions, but Rian tells her to keep it short since Yoo Jin is standing next to them.  She listens to her daughter, for once, and says to just focus on recovering and she’ll talk to President Lee.  Oh I’m sure this will go over well.

True to her character, her mom decides to meddle and tells President Lee that she won’t let Rian be a singer anymore.  She also blames President Lee for the accident, to which President Lee says Rian should accept some blame for not performing even though she’s supposed to be a professional singer.  He says that with this mindset, she’s not fit to be a singer.  Rian’s mother says it’s because Rian really just wants to be an actress and was forced by him to be a singer.  She even goes so far as to say to just let Rian not do the auditions they’re holding for Producer Shin’s new group.  At this point, Producer Shin adds that based on Rian’s current mindset, they’re not even considering her anyway.  Rian’s mother, obviously, is a tad displeased about this.

Back at the hospital, Rian is sleeping again.  She must be made of paper if she’s going through all this for getting hit on the head by a soccer ball.  At any rate, Yoo Jin is being a creeper and just watches her sleep when Hye Sung shows up at the door and he finally leaves.  She gives Rian’s condition lip service and then asks if Yoo Jin came here for her.  He tells her that they performed her song on the radio, and apologies for letting Rian take credit for it.  Hye Sung tells him she heard it, and she’s just glad that they let everyone hear her song.  She tells him however, that she’s not going back and that music will just be something she does on her own.  On a side note, the younger Shin seems to have won her pageant since she’s carrying a trophy.

Back at the school, Teacher Ahn’s group is practicing their dance to Rain’s “Rainism” for the upcoming competition.  UI Bong, being an actual idol trainee, is of course the only one with talent.  JYP sees them practicing and after giving them some criticism, tells them to follow him.  He leads them to Ji Soo’s group, who is doing the same dance, but better.  Which they should considering you have 2 current idols and a trainee in the group.

Meanwhile, Producer Shin is meeting with the teachers about the upcoming competition, telling them to make sure to bring out the best in their students.  Afterwards, Teacher Ahn stays behind and asks Producer Shin for more clues as to how he’ll be judging them.  She just wants to even the field for her group against the idols, but he refuses.  Ji Soo catches her afterwards and confronts her about it.  Teacher Ahn just says that Ji Soo will be the one who’ll be embarrassed, not her.  Ji Soo says that Teacher Ahn sees Hye Sung in herself and to just give up on her.  Teacher Ahn says that’s just more reason not to and walks off.

Back in Hye Sung’s hometown, she receives a call from a person claiming to be Ye Eun from the Wonder Girls.  Guess the producers couldn’t even be bothered with coming up with a fake group name.  Hye Sung’s sister picks up the phone at first and thinks it’s a prank and hangs up.  Hye Sung then receives a text saying that Ye Eun wants to use her song in her upcoming solo album.  She’s shocked and questions how Ye Eun knew that she composed the song, but her sister tells her that how she found out doesn’t matter.  What matters is that with this, she’s become a real composer.  Her dad sees this go on, and is concerned that Hye Sung will want to do music again.

As Yoo Jin is walking to school, JB catches up to him and says they need to talk.  He asks him if Hye Sung is going to come back or not.  Uh, isn’t that why he went there in the first place?  Talk about leaving jobs half done.  At any rate, Yoo Jin replies that of course she will since he told her he’s waiting for her.  This leads to some meaningless posturing between the two about who Hye Sung actually likes during which point JB quotes back the lines that Yoo Jin told him after the audition 3 years earlier.  Yoo Jin finally remembers him and is actually glad to see him and comments how much he’s grown.  This leads to more posturing between the two as to who will do better at the upcoming performance.

After seeing Ji Soo’s group, Teacher Ahn’s group seems to have given up.  Ui Bong says he’ll go back to being a backup dancer, Hong Joo says he’s going back to Superstar K, and Soon Dong asks if she’ll have to transfer out of the school.  Yoo Jin then storms in and announces to them all that he’s putting his “Super Idol” pride on the line to make sure they win the competition and make sure JB kneels before him.

At the same time, JB meets with his own group and tells him that he changed their routine.  He says the “Rain” hint is a trick and can be interpreted in different ways.  He then proceeds to play a medley of rain-related songs: BEAST’s “Rainy Days”, John Park’s “In the Rain” and Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain”.  However, it sounded suspiciously like the group’s own covers of each song.  His group comments that he’s trying to look good in front of somebody, but he denies it of course.  Ji Soo tells them that there’s not much time left before the competition so they need to really work hard if they’re going to change everything this late in the game.  JB tell her with utmost confidence that they’ll show the others what it means to be an idol.

While Teacher Ahn’s group is practicing, Yoo Jin comes to the same answer at JB, that rather than singing Rain’s hit songs, they need to come up with something original.  Teacher Ahn agrees with him, but the group is unable to come up with ideas.  The newly-rehired Principal Joo is watching them when he comes across Producer Shin.  He asks him why he picked Yoo Jin to be the first “Super Idol” to which Producer Shin replies that it was to be a pace setter for the other idols.  He saw they were becoming complacent so he wanted to use Yoo Jin as a challenge to them to step up their game.  Principal Joo, who seems to know Yoo Jin’s true past, tries to protect his young student, but Producer Shin is intent on his plan.  He does see true potential in Yoo Jin so if he can get him to tap into that potential, all the better for him.

Teacher Ahn seems to be preparing for the competition when she receives a mysterious call from someone saying they spotted Hye Sung back in town at the broadcasting station.  She’s there to meet Ye Eun, of course and immediately asks how she knew it was Hye Sung’s song.  Apparently Teacher Ahn had passed out copies of the song around the broadcast station.  Uh, okay I guess that works?  At this point, Rian pops her head in and is apparently close friends with Ye Eun.  She’s there because Ye Eun called her, and happily greets Hye Sung when she sees her.  Hye Sung is surprised by Rian’s attitude and just nods her head in greeting.

Back at the school, Teacher Ahn is happily listening to the radio since Hye Sung will be on the radio.  Ye Eun is hosting a radio show and invited both to be special guests: Rian because she sang the song, and Hye Sung as the composer. Ye Eun comments that the two seem close, and Rian lies through her teeth that Hye Sung was the first friend she made at school.  She “clarifies” that she didn’t mean to steal the song, but instead sang it as a farewell to Hye Sung because she was transferring schools.  Personally, if I were Hye Sung, I would gotten up and socked Rian in her pretty little face, but she exhibits more control than that and just listens in silence.  Yoo Jin and the others are listening at school, and rightfully scoff at Rian’s story.

After Rian finishes, Ye Eun prompts Hye Sung for her response.  Rian is afraid that Hye Sung will tell the truth, and is surprised when Hye Sung backs her up, probably as her way of atoning for what happened at the showcase.  She says that the song was actually a group effort: she wrote it, JB edited it, and the band performed it while Rian sang.  Hye Sung sincerely thanks her friends for making sure the song got known and that without them it would’ve just disappeared.  She then compares herself to a turtle and says that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t catch her more talented friends at Kirin High.  It was these feelings that led her to write the song in her diary.  Teacher Ahn, who is listening, has an epiphany and comes up with an idea for the competition.  Hye Sung’s family was also listening to the broadcast, and her dad seems touched by her sincerity and starts praying.

After Hye Sung finishes her story, Ye Eun says that they’re going to play the song now.  Rian stands up to sing, but is stopped by Ye Eun who says she wants permission from the original composer to sing it herself.  Hah. Good job JYP, you made me laugh at the irony.  Shameless plug of the song, of course, but I still approve.  If you haven’t already, check out Ye Eun’s release of the song here as she is the one who actually composed it.  We see scenes of everyone listening to the song, but the most important scene is of JB holding a small bouquet of flowers in what looks like a hospital room.  Guess he still hasn’t quite given up on Rian yet.

After Ye Eun leaves, Rian’s true feelings reemerge tells Hye Sung not to get too conceited about being on the radio once.  Hye Sung refuses to rise to Rian’s taunt and says that she’s satisfied with just this and won’t flounder around anymore.  Hye Sung then leaves a flustered Rian and returns to Kirin High.  JB, of course, is the first to see her and runs to greet her with a ridiculous dance. He then tells her that she needs to pay for the performance and rummages through her bag to pull out the K-necklace that Rian threw away.  I knew that thing was due for a reappearance.

Hye Sung’s next stop is the teacher’s room, where she’s ambushed by her friends and Teacher Ahn.  They congratulate her on her successful broadcast, and Teacher Ahn hands her a paper that says it’s okay for her to come back to school.  Uh, what happened to giving up music?  And why is Seul happy to see her too?  I’ll discuss this later, but anyway, Hye Sung is back at Kirin and the gang is all back together.

Now that things are as they should be, Teacher Ahn unveils her brilliant theme for the competition: the letter B.  Only Hye Sung knows what she’s talking about, because I sure didn’t get it either, and explains that they should make a song that relates how the B class wants to be like the A class.  Hong Joo immediately starts singing a song about it and they the rest join in.  Ui Bong then tries to teach them some dance moves to go along with the song, but they can’t follow along until he creates a routine that’s really basic.  While they’re practicing, Teacher Ahn catches Ji Soo spying on them.  Ji Soo just laughing at them and comments that Hye Sung is their black hole.  Teacher Ahn shoots back saying that Rian is Ji Soo’s own black hole, which Ji Soo does not appreciate.

Later in the day, Hye Sung is practicing their new routine when JB, once again, just happens to be walking by and stop to watch her.  He offers to buy her dinner and tells her that she’s going to need to learn how to dance in heels and a dress for the performance.  JB then takes her to have her makeup done, which I felt all that changed was she had on lipstick that was already gone in the next scene when they go clothes shopping.  The outfit he picked out for her was very unspectacular too.  And where are all the fangirls?  When Rian went missing, pictures of her were uploaded quickly.  JB, on the other hand, nobody seems to care.

As they walk back, Hye Sung brings up the subject of what happened in the church.  She thinks he’s being nice to her because she misunderstood him, but before he can properly respond, she interrupts him and walks off.  Meanwhile, Rian is, for some reason, still in the hospital and finds the flowers that JB dropped off for her earlier.  She’s touched that he still remembers her favorite flower and seems to be regretting how she treated him.  As she looks into her Hello Kitty mirror, she wipes the blood off her lip that is now magically healed.  I fail to see the point in this scene, but hey it’s their drama.

Back at school, Hye Sung’s friends have already abandoned her and started eating by themselves.  Hye Sung then shows up and they comment on her, and I use the term very lightly, new look.  They all think it’s JB’s doing and when Soon Dong mentions they she didn’t see Hye Sung when she woke up this morning, Yoo Jin snaps from jealousy and says now isn’t the time to date.  When he also yells at her for being late to practice, Hye Sung storms off.

Meanwhile, the idols are standing in the practice room watching JB do his rubix cube like a crazy person.  He finally completes a side and runs out of the room in excitement to presumably tell Hye Sung.  Rian has returned to school and pulls out her box of JB’s old sneakers.  The flowers have completely changed her mind about JB, but while she’s reminiscing about their memories, in bursts JB to ruin the moment by looking for Hye Sung.  Rian asks him whether he remembers his promise about the sneakers and whether he likes Hye Sung.  JB says that he’s not sure, but just says he wants to stand by her and watch her succeed.  Rian is obviously betrayed by this and dumps his sneakers on the floor and walks away.  She runs into Hye Sung, who was standing in the doorway, but walks away without saying anything.  Hye Sung is hurt that JB doesn’t actually like her like he claimed and silently watches him pack up the shoes.  He then finally turns around and notices her, but like Rian, she walks away in silence.

The time has finally come for the first round of the “Super Idol” auditions.  Producer Shin addresses the students, telling them not to give up and to fight to the end.  He finishes by telling them that their creativity in regards to the theme will determine who wins.

Backstage, the B-team proudly carry the pails that Teacher Ahn used to put over their heads and cheer each other on.  Hye Sung was chosen to introduce the group and she gives a speech about the differences between the A class and the B class.  She tells the audience that it’s okay to dream even if you have no talent, and to close your eyes to the people around you who tell you it’s impossible.  It’s actually a really good speech, and my favorite part of this episode.  They then start performing a song that sounds like it belongs on a children’s show rather than an idol audition, but everyone seems to enjoy it.  President Lee is  shocked to see his daughter actually on stage and performing.  Rian is back in the hospital again for no reason, and is watching the performance as well.  As they finish their performance, the crowd starts cheering and this is where the episode ends.

Final Thoughts

After a few good episodes in the right direction, I felt this one was lacking.  There were several times while I was watching that I was just confused as to why something just happened.  Like why did JB leave Hye Sung so quickly?  He was so gung-ho about going to bring her back and leaves before she agrees to go?  Same goes for Yoo Jin.  And why is Rian in the hospital for so long?  It’s not like she had the ball kicked at her face, she just got hit at the tail end of a long distance kick.  There are other ways they could’ve kept her out of the Super Idol Auditions.  Also, what happened to Hye Sung not wanting to do music anyone in one scene and then does a 180 on that in the next.  She was so impressed by Ye Eun wanting her song that it completely changed her mind after all that soul searching?  It seems like she had made up her mind already too before she left to come back to school since the paperwork was already ready by the time she made it there her broadcast.  That’s the only way that that sequence makes sense otherwise her dad somehow sent it all in that short amount of time. And why is everyone cheering for their children’s song at the performance. This is an idol audition, not Chuck E Cheese or Disneyland.  I’m all for being a good sport in competitions, but that was a bit much.

I also felt like they did a disservice to many of the characters. Rian’s change of heart over JB was very rushed and could’ve been done better.  I also don’t like the interaction they had between Yoo Jin and Rian.  She stole Hye Sung’s song and is basically everything he hates about idols and yet he’s all chummy with her still?  I can see him taking her to the hospital because that’s what any normal person would do, but staying with her and watching her sleep is kind of creeper status.  JB and Hye Sung’s interactions seemed really awkward as well.  And why is Seul happily singing and performing with the group now?  She was introduced as a rebellious student who keeps to herself.  There’s been nothing to suggest that that’s changed, but all of a sudden she’s having lunch with them and smiling on stage?  President Lee wasn’t the only one who was surprised to see her up there like that.

Special Bonus: You can watch the MV created from the B-class song here.  However, the spotlight today goes to Ailee’s cover of Beyoncé’s “Halo”.  You can also check out her amazing cover of Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” here.


5 responses to “[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 9

  1. fallingstar295 March 8, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    Hey, since you said you didn’t understand the reference to the letter B, I felt I should explain it to you. In korean, the word for rain is “Bi”, pronounced like the letter. Obviously, the show was hinting that there are several ways to interpret the assignment, and being creative about it is a big part of being a true star. 🙂 Hope that helps!

    • kpopencarta March 8, 2012 at 5:59 pm

      That part I understood. “Bi” is also the korean name of singer Rain, which is why their initial plan was to do a remix of his hit songs. The part I didn’t understand was what Teacher Ahn specifically meant when she told them that their inspiration should be the letter “B”.

  2. Sasha March 23, 2012 at 1:03 am

    Admin::can u share the video clip for ‘bi’ song?

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