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[Video] FT Island wins ‘Inkigayo’ mutizen with “Severely” + additional stages

On tonight’s episode of SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’, FT Island took home the mutizen award for their hit  track “Severely”! Other nominees from this week’s ‘Take 7’ were:  Davichi with “I’ll Think of You”, Teen Top with “Crazy”, Sunny Hill with “Grasshopper”, Ailee with “Heaven”, K.Will with “I Need You”, and Se7en with “When I Can’t Sing”.

This week also revealed the debut stages of miss A with “Touch” and Brave Girls with “Nowadays You”. B.A.P also had their goodbye stage with their popular debut song “Warrior”.

Today’s Winner:

Take 7 Stages

FT Island “Severely”

Teen Top “Crazy” (remix ver.)

Davichi “I’ll Think of You”

Se7en “When I Can’t Sing” feat. 2ne1’s Park Bom

Ailee “Heaven”

K.Will “I Need You”

Sunny Hill “Grasshopper” feat. Teen Top’s Chunji

Comeback Stages

miss A “Touch”

miss A “Over U”

Brave Girls “Nowadays You”

Goodbye Stage

B.A.P “Warrior”

Other Performances

Brian “Let This Die” feat. Tiger JK

Dal Shabet “Hit U”

Spica “Russian Roulette”

Mario “Text Message” feat. 4minute’s Gayoon

Chocolat “One More Day” feat. Teen Top’s C.A.P


Speed “Lovey-Dovey Plus”

Chaos “Last Night”


2 responses to “[Video] FT Island wins ‘Inkigayo’ mutizen with “Severely” + additional stages

  1. Agnes c borpan April 13, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Ft. Island number in my heart
    i love you ft.island#
    best of the best
    i miss you lee hong ki^_^

  2. Sok chann August 18, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    I like f t island so much

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