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[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 7

Here we recap and discuss episode 7 of Dream High 2.  Caution, spoilers below.  Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens.

As JB helps Hye Sung clean up the apples from her locker, a large group of students have gathered around them.  Rian also shows up to investigate and is less then pleased to see them together.  Meanwhile, pictures are already spreading through the rest of the school.  Soon Dong is trying to get Seul, President Lee’s Daughter, to show her the pics on her phone when Si Woo surprisingly shows up and confiscates it.  Nana then runs up to him and gives him a bear hug.  Si Woo is embarrassed and tries to tell her to not be so friendly in public since they have idol images to maintain.  Nana responds by pinching his cheek and putting him in a headlock, must to the dismay of Hong Joo.

JB walks Hye Sung back to her room with the apples in hand.  She tells him not to feel sorry for her, but he responds he’s just doing it because he doesn’t like to see girls cry.  He turns around and lo and behind, here comes Rian.  They trade barbs about Yoo Jin and Hye Sung for a while, when Rian hits upon JB’s inferiority complex towards Yoo Jin and suspects that he’s hanging out with Hye Sung to purposely make her angry.  She continues to him while he’s down and says seeing him with Hye Sung makes their own memories when they were dating feel cheap.  JB tells her to take it back, and Rian gives another hint about why they broke up: him being weak to crying girls.

Rian then walks into the room to continue her verbal rampage on Hye Sung, including asking if her dad knew she was pretending to be sad and using the apples her dad gave her to seduce guys.  She admits she wronged Rian and if she can forgive her as a friend.  Hah.  Of course, Rian does not hesitate to tell her they’re not friends and gives Hye Sung one piece of advice before she leaves: not to wear the duck sweater that she has on anymore because it reminds her of both her and JB.

After Rian leaves the room, she runs into Yoo Jin, who is angrily strumming his guitar while thinking of JB and Hye Sung.  She asks why he’s upset, to which he responds he’s just trying to edit Hye Sung’s song.  Rian then asks him if playing the guitar like that helps to relieve stress.  Of course, while he’s teaching Rian how to play, up strolls Hye Sung.  She wants to talk to Yoo Jin alone, but he tells her to just say her piece in front of Rian.  She tries to apologize, but Yoo Jin angrily says it’s fine because it was better with Rian.  Hye Sung asks if she’s mad at him, and Yoo Jin responds that it’s a waste of his time to be angry with her.  When Hye Sung just quietly accepts this, he finally snaps and says if she doesn’t have the talent to be a singer, she should at least have the passion.  He finishes it up with accusing her of the same things Rian did earlier and saying he knows why she’s failed all her auditions.  Hye Sung says he’s not in a position to be worrying about her anymore and walks away, after leaving the recorder at Yoo Jin’s request.  Rian can tell that Yoo Jin doesn’t mean the things he says to Hye Sung, and questions him about it after she leaves.  He has no answer for her and says he’ll teach her guitar another time.

Back in this room, Yoo Jin listens to Hye Sun’s recorder.  He hears her angry rant at him and feels regret at what he said to her earlier.  He wonders aloud whether he’s bi-polar because of his mood swings, which leads into Hong Joo saying he feels the same way about a girl, obviously Nana.  Ui Bong teases him about her, saying that his one-sided love is amateurish.  Hong Joo is convinced that Nana likes him because she pinched his cheek and said he was cute, but Ui Bong points out that she does that to everyone, including Si Woo earlier.

Before she leaves, Hye Sung decides to stand on the Kirin High stage one last time.  She holds a fake press conference to announce her leaving the school, even going so far as to pretend to be a reporter and interviews herself.  JB sees her and as she says she never thought about doing anything other than being a singer, we flashback to his earlier audition to Kirin High where he says the exact same thing to Principal Joo.  After JB is rejected, he is visibly depressed and Yoo Jin tries to cheer him up and tells him to have confidence in himself.

Seems Hye Sung’s plight inspired JB a bit, and he goes back to his room to work on his version of Hye Sung’s song: “Hello to Myself”, which was actually composed by Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun.  Strains of the song can be heard in the background, but you can listen to the whole thing here.  Back in the girls’ room, Soon Dong wonders where Hye Sung went and asks Rian if she said something to her again.  Rian denies it and as the two chatter, Seul gets sick of it and asks Rian to go look for Hye Sung so Soon Dong will stop talking.  She “respectfully” declines and goes to sleep instead.

The next morning, Seul goes to see her father and complain about his rules.  She tells him not to be so childish and when he doesn’t respond, she kicks his desk and storms out.  Meanwhile, JB finished editing Hye Sung’s song and goes to bring it to her.  Hearing the knock on the door, Rian checks her mirror to see if she’s presentable and goes to answer it.  She’s not happy to find out that he’s actually here for Hye Sung and grabs the notebook he’s holding.  After flipping through it, her mood turns south even more and she demands to know why he’s giving her a song that he compose.  He ignores her and, after grabbing the book back, asks again where Hye Sung is.  Seul is apparently back in the room already and tells him that Hye Sung left last night because of Rian.  JB gives Rian a disapproving look and walks away without another word.  Rian is obviously distressed by JB’s reaction and shout at him as he leaves.

As Yoo Jin is walking around, he spots Hye Sung getting into a cab with her belongings.  He asks her why she’s leaving like this, but Hye Sung just ignores him.  Just before she leaves, Yoo Jin manages to give her the recorder back and tells her to listen to it.  He regrets what he said to her, but of course his pride gets in his way and he only says that to himself after the taxi leaves.  Hye Sung’s dad asks her if Yoo Jin likes her, but Hye Sung denies it.

Back at the school, President Lee is showing his guest around when they run across Yoo Jin.  Apparently, this guy is the country’s top producer, Shin Jae In, not that Yoo Jin knew that.  After hearing Yoo Jin’s compositions, he decided that he wanted to train him.  However, Yoo Jin declines the opportunity, saying that he just wants to make his own music, and walks away.  Producer Shin isn’t deterred however and says to President Lee that it’s far more worthwhile to train kids with talent, but don’t listen rather than kids who behave well but have no talent.  Rian happens to catch all this, and smiles to herself thinking that Yoo Jin is actually as interesting as she though he was.

Meanwhile, JB is asking Teacher Ahn about Hye Sung leaving the school.  He says he has something important to give her so Teacher Ahn gives her Hye Sung’s home address.  JB somehow manages to find Si Woo and Nana just before they’re about to go on what looks like a date, jumps into the car, and demands that Si Woo take him to the train terminal.  Si Woo complains that he didn’t go to America to get his license to be JB’s chauffer, but in the end agrees to do it.  As they drive, Nana tries to clear the awkward atmosphere and asks JB why he’s going to the train station.  JB tells her he won’t ask questions about their business if they don’t ask about his.  Nana makes an excuse that Si Woo just offered to take her out for a ride because she felt stuffy, but JB sees right through it.

While Teacher Ahn is holding class, Soon Dong and Rian are arguing again about Hye Sung leaving.  Rian mentions that even Soon Dong abandoned her, which the latter denies.  Rian’s reaction to the lie pretty much mirrored mine and you can see it above.  Seul finally has enough of them talking about it and addresses the elephant in the room by asking Teacher Ahn outright why Hye Sung left. The other students, taking courage from her, finally confront Teacher Ahn about it, who is unsure what to say.

When Soon Dong goes back to her locker, she finds a note from Hye Sung stuck in the door.  Seems like Hye Sung hand-wrote a goodbye note to everyone.  They all tear up at the sincerity in her note and feel bad for ostracizing her before she left.  Yoo Jin, on the other hand, tears up the note and says that Hye Sung’s not transferring and that he’ll drag her back to hear their performance tonight so that she’ll change her mind.

Meanwhile, JYP is up in President Lee’s office to try to convince him to see them play tonight.  At first President Lee asks why he should go see them, but eventually says he’ll go.  After a happy JYP leaves, thinking that his plan to save his job might work, President Lee turns to Producer Shin and says he only agreed because he figured the Yoo Jin was the leader of the band.  This, of course, plays into their hand of seeing Yoo Jin’s capabilities and letting him grow as a musician.

As Producer Shin watches the students, Rian walks up to him and asks why he’s here.  He tells her that he’s recruiting for a new group and he’s looking for a “Super Idol” to be a part of it.  Rian asks him what’s going to happen to HersheE and Eden, and he simply says he’ll consider them too.  She sees an opportunity for her to shine and puts on her best smile before casually mentioning that she’s going to be performing with Yoo Jin’s group tonight.

Yoo Jin is back at Principal Joo’s chicken shop, much to Principal Joo’s annoyance, asking him why Principal Joo is giving up on him and the school.  He hands him a ticket to their street performance and says if Principal Joo doesn’t come, he’s going to quit school.  After Yoo Jin leaves, Teacher Ahn decides to pay a visit as well.  She’s come to him for advice about the Hye Sung situation, and blames herself for her quitting because she was so strict about Hye Sung in front of her dad.  Rightfully so, I might add.  She says was jealous of Ji Soo and so tried to be like her.  Principal Joo is exasperated that they keep coming to him for advice even though he left already, but comes up with an plan to ease her guilt.

Of course they do the typical “oh i’m gonna look for you, but i can’t see that you’re right in front of me” scene at the train station.  JB somehow recruits Si Woo and Nana to help him look for Hye Sung, but surprise surprise just strolls right by her.  Hye Sung decides to listen to Yoo Jin’s recording and starts to board, but is caught by JB right before she gets on.  He gives her the song he edited and tells her dad that he wants to keep going to school with her and that she can do well from now on.  Her dad thinks he’s just saying nice things because he’s Hye Sung’s boyfriend and asks JB that if Hye Sung did have talent why did Teacher Ahn call him in just to tell him otherwise.  At this point, surprise surprise, in walks Teacher Ahn and Principal Joo to tell him she made a mistake.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jin and the band are setting up for their performance when they’re questioned by policemen.  President Lee, Ji Soo, and JYP are watching them from the car and JYP quickly gets out to handle the situation.  Turns out President Lee called the cops on them for some reason that’s not explained yet and mentions to Ji Soo that he’s not sure if JYP’s foolish or naive.  Ji Soo says it’s a cute quality of his, making her boss give her a dumb-founded look.

Back at the train station, they’re still trying convince Hye Sung’s father to let her continue.  Turns out, he allowed Hye Sung to go to Kirin High, not because he thought she had talent, but because he saw how much it meant to her.  Despite always coming back tired from school, he knew she was still practicing with all her heart secretly, so it hurt him a lot when Teacher Ahn said Hye Sung had no talent.  When the teachers say they now see her potential, he forcefully puts her in the middle of the station and tells her to sing.  If anyone acknowledges her talent, he’ll change his mind.  Hye Sung is completely speechless and just stands here.  Her dad tells her that he’s doing this not because he doesn’t want her to succeed, but because he thinks it’s unfair to her if the teachers keep leading her on.  His thinking is why go through all this work if she’ll never use it?

With President Lee’s help, presumably, JYP managed to get their performance moved from the street to an actual broadcast.  Yoo Jin does not share the others’ delight and says he won’t do the performance now.  He’s saying that if they do it here that Hye Sung won’t be able to see them, but the others point out that it’s not just for Hye Sung, but for Principal Joo too so that he’ll also comeback.  After the other members guilt him enough, Yoo Jin agrees to do it after all and texts the new address to Principal Joo so he’ll come.  As they’re preparing, Rian walks up on stage and starts acting friendly with them.  Yoo Jin apparently texted her the change in address as well so she could sing for them.  Yoo Jin starts passing out the sheet music for their encore performance, his version of Hye Sung’s song.  Rian recognizes the title from JB’s notebook and her face immediately darkens as she tightly grips the paper.  At this point, President Lee and Ji Soo show up.  He is not happy to see Rian up on stage, a sentiment Rian shares about him being there.

JB and the others failed at convincing Hye Sung’s dad to let her stay as we now see the two of them on the bus going back home.  She continues listening to the recorder and hears Yoo Jin’s voice come on.  He tells her that she plays the piano well and that they’ll be performing her song tonight so she should come back and sing it.

As Yoo Jin introduces the band, he explains that when he was younger he had an idol that taught about the spirit of rock.  Who was his role model, you ask?  Of course, it’s Joo Jung Wan, former principal of Kirin High and former leader of a group called Milky Galaxy.  Principal Joo, who just walked in moments ago with Teacher Ahn, hears this and gets embarrassed.  In the next breath though, Yoo Jin says that Principal Joo abandoned him.  He then takes a shot at President Lee by saying that Kirin High, which used to be the embodiment of the spirit of rock, is no longer that because it was swallowed by an agency.  Before it gets any worse, Rian interrupts him and takes the edge off the statement by saying that it’s just Yoo Jin’s way of showing affection.  She tells the audience that she’s having fun in school learning about composing.  The interviewer asks if they are going to be playing anything that Rian composed tonight, and at first she looks hesitant, but when the crowd is chanting her name, she does the only thing she can do: steal Hye Sung’s song as her own.  Of course,

As they’re driving back, Nana hears Rian’s voice over the radio and compliments her for learning to compose.  JB, however, immediately recognizes it as Hye Sung’s song.  Back at the auditorium, the other band members are unsure what to do.  Yoo Jin is pissed, and the announcer is telling them to start playing.  Eventually, they decide to just go for it and start.  Yoo Jin feels betrayed by all of them, but they eventually pressure him into doing it.

Back on the bus, Hye Sung hears Rian singing her song.  Rather than being mad that Rian stole it, Hye Sung is instead overjoyed that a song she wrote is being played on the radio.  In the middle of the song, however, JB reaches the auditorium and angrily rushes on stage.  He grabs the mic from Rian and drags her off stage in front of everyone.  As everyone’s trying to grasp the situation, President Lee is already calculating in his head how to spin this to the media and how much it would take to pay off everyone to keep quiet.

Backstage, JB accuses Rian of stealing Hye Sung’s song because she was jealous of the two of them.  Rian dismisses his theory, saying that it’s childish.  JB tries to appeal to Rian’s heart by saying that she of all people should know what it’s like to feel things that belong to you taken away.  He says that she’s already a star as she is now, and that she doesn’t need to take from others.  Rian responds with probably my favorite quote of the episode: “No matter how bright of a star you are, if it can’t be seen, it’s quickly forgotten.”  She then tells JB about the new group that President Lee and Producer Shin are creating.  Rian also mentions that she thinks they’re going to pick Yoo Jin for it over JB.  Before she walks away, Rian says that unlike him, she’s not going to go down without a fight.  However, she turns around to watch JB walk away with his shoulders slumped, and a tear falls from her eyes.

Final Thoughts

They did a lot this episode to finally setup Yoo Jin as JB’s rival rather than through just JB’s insecurities.  We also got some insights into the backstories of the different characters.  Clearly JB and Rian’s past breakup is more complicated than President Lee said no, and it should be interesting to see how that plays out.  Since they’re not the lead characters, the obvious result is that in the end they get back together, but only time will tell.  Yoo Jin also reveals some more background on Principal Joo and why he’s so intent on getting him back to Kirin.

For his first role, Jin Woon is actually doing a pretty decent job acting.  Jiyeon and Sora, I expected to do well, and they’re living up to expectations.  Of the 4 main characters, JB is definitely the weak link but it’s also his first role so I’m not terribly surprised.  I know JYP helped produce this drama, but this trial by fire thing he’s doing with them, and Suzy in the original series, is kind of rough on them.  But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?  He’s giving his artists every chance to improve and that’s pretty commendable for an entertainment executive.

I’m still not sure why Seul, President Lee’s daughter, was introduced.  Si Woo coming back was a little bit of a surprise too, but as long as they don’t distract from the main story it’s fine.  Teacher Ahn’s character confuses me though.  At first she’s happy at the change in management, and then all of a sudden she’s sad that she can’t teach the upper class?  What else did she think was going to happen?  I think it would’ve been better for her to be firmly entrenched with the old guard of JYP and Principal Joo rather than flirting with both sides.

All in all though, it was a very interesting episode and I’m curious to see what the fallout from the performance will be.

Special Bonus: Jiyeon singing “Hello to Myself”


2 responses to “[Drama Recap] Dream High 2 Episode 7

  1. ѕмιlє jυηg ® March 1, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    thank’s !!!
    i love this way
    keep going

  2. teemay March 4, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    i wish yoojin will hurry up and bring haesung back! i dont like how Rian keeps getting in their way. and i want JB to properly sort out his feelings, too. Rian or Haesung? he is confusing me, i feel like they’re bringing me on an emotional roller coaster where he falls for this girl but she gives me crap so i move on to the other. WHICH ONE NOW??!!? omg plzplzplzplz get back with Rian somehow, no matter how complicated your relationship was with her before. one thing i dont understand. how did JB, proud, haughty, prideful, nasty kickass dancer, fall for someone like naive and innocent yet sadly no talent at all Haesung?

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