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Song Battle Round 3: Nu Abo vs Bad Girl, Good Girl

The third song battle between these two groups features their first real hit songs: f(x)’s Nu Abo, and miss A’s debut song Bad Girl, Good Girl.

KpopEncarta:               Now we got a good one: nu abo vs bad girl, good girl

Thekoreanjjang:         These are two songs that helped both girl groups really grab the attention of the K-Pop world.



Thekoreanjjang:         Well as a debut song miss A had a surefire monster hit.

KpopEncarta:               True, but this song put f(x) on the map.

Thekoreanjjang:         Yeah nu abo hit most of points required of a popular song: catchy beat, appealing dance, good vocals, and strong rap.

KpopEncarta:               It probably should’ve won some awards but it went up against some monsters: Hyori’s Chitti Chitti Bang Bang, Suju’s Bonaman, and 2pm’s Without U.

Thekoreanjjang:         Still it gave them the exposure they needed to make the next big step which they proved in their next promotions which I’ll expand on later.

KpopEncarta:               True.

Thekoreanjjang:         But for me…miss A’s debut stage was a revelation.  Elements that I felt were missing from love again were present here with Min’s inclusion. She brought a fiery edge in both her dance and vocals that really completed their group.

KpopEncarta:               It’s the first song with their current roster.  Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s min that did it so much as the concept.  Love Again was more smooth pop, whereas BGGG has an edge that we’re accustomed to from miss A now.

Thekoreanjjang:         I still think Bad Girl Good Girl was the punch in the face that the k-pop world didn’t see coming.

KpopEncarta:               hah

Thekoreanjjang:         One of the fascinating things I find about miss A is that they don’t have a super large fan base like other top girl groups, but their still able to dominate music charts through their consistently high quality and addictive tracks.

KpopEncarta:               I think dominate is a bit a stretch personally.  They do well on the charts, don’t get me wrong, but SNSD dominates.  Wonder Girls dominates.  You could even argue IU does too at this point.  miss A’s not at that level yet.

Thekoreanjjang:         Maybe, but Bad Girl Good Girl got them numerous awards including song of the year and a bonsang.  As a debut song I don’t know how much more successful you could be.  Maybe dominating was too strong a term, but they certainly sent the rest of the world a message that they had arrived.

KpopEncarta:               True.  Let’s check their live performances.


Thekoreanjjang:         Ah the makeup dance.

KpopEncarta:               I had always wondered why nickhun was so good at it during that one thailand special.  Then I watched khuntoria wgm.

Thekoreanjjang:         He had the best teacher…

KpopEncarta:               “You can cry now”…I know we brought it up before, but it’s still ridiculous.

Thekoreanjjang:         He gained a fan that day; what an epic line.  I always thought of Nu Abo as a pretty good song. A solid track for f(x), but I was never wowed by it.

KpopEncarta:               Though I got sick of since I was watching f(x) koala and wgm around the same time, I’ve always liked it.  This is another solid performance by miss A.  For me, while bggg was different from what i’m used to hearing from girl groups, I dunno I was never really a big fan of it

Thekoreanjjang:         It was completely different for me.

KpopEncarta:               Nu Abo wins this round for me if for nothing else, at the end of the day that’s what i’d rather listen to

Thekoreanjjang:         miss A took me completely by surprise through their debut stage.  Their sound and fierce image really caught my attention and I feel that their performances are always oozing with charisma.  bad girl good girl is the song that launched miss A into K-pop stardom its one I’ve listened to hundreds of times over.  For me its definitely good girl bad girl that wins this one. 4:3 to miss A.

KpopEncarta:               4:3 f(x) for me.

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