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Member Battle Round 2: Victoria vs Fei

For our second member battle, we compare f(x)’s resident mother and leader Victoria to miss A’s talented and lovey Fei.

Thekoreanjjang:         Okay Fei vs Victoria.

KpopEncarta:               Two Chinese-born girls making it in Korea.

Thekoreanjjang:         Yeah, they’ve become some of the most well known faces of China in Korea.

KpopEncarta:               Oh for sure.  In terms of looks, I definitely prefer Victoria, but Fei’s been looking pretty hot since their goodbye baby promotions

Thekoreanjjang:         In terms of performance, Victoria has always astonished me with her flexibility.  Not surprising though given her upbringing in a dance academy.

KpopEncarta:               Not just any dance academy, but the best in the country.

Thekoreanjjang:         You have that clip from IY?

KpopEncarta:               No, but i have better.

Thekoreanjjang:         Man my back hurts just from watching this.

KpopEncarta:               I am of the opinion that you should not be able to do this with a human body.

Thekoreanjjang:         In addition to her flexibility…I think its fair to say Victoria has turned her fair share of heads with her unique variety personality.

KpopEncarta:               Talking to inanimate objects in general.  She definitely has a unique personality, which showed as well when she was on wgm with nickhun.

Thekoreanjjang:         “You can cry now”.  Best line ever.

KpopEncarta:               I’m sure women everywhere rolled their eyes, or maybe just me.

Thekoreanjjang:         Was it that or you can cry if you want?

KpopEncarta:               Hmm i don’t remember.  Back to the topic though, here’s an example of Victoria’s goofy personality

Thekoreanjjang:         Good memories.  If the idol life doesn’t work out for Fei she’d still make a pretty good magicians assistant.

KpopEncarta:               Haha.  In terms of voice, i think Fei has Victoria beat.  It’s not that she has a bad voice, I just think that she has a more limited range.

Thekoreanjjang:         Wow is this how you feel when you listen to Korean music?

KpopEncarta:               lol

Thekoreanjjang:         Its been awhile since i listened to a Chinese song, but yeah Fei and Victoria are representing your motherland well with their vocals lol.

KpopEncarta:               haha yeah.

Thekoreanjjang:         I’ve always had trouble deciding on whether Min or Fei had the best vocals in miss A. But in terms of this matchup, I’d agree that Fei has better vocals than Victoria, while Victoria has better dance skills overall.  What it really comes down to then is who makes the better complete idol?

KpopEncarta:               Well in this matchup, i’m picking Victoria.  She does a great job of taking care of her members, was intrumental in getting their name out, and a better dancer.

Thekoreanjjang:         Well I guess it is possible for us to occasionally agree at times.  F(x)’s resident mom and leader indeed does a great job of taking care of her group.  I also felt her complete package of variety talent and dancing talent overcame her slight deficiency in vocals.

KpopEncarta:               Yep, pretty much.

Thekoreanjjang:         I have f(x) up 2-0, but there’s a lot of battles left.

KpopEncarta:               Tied up at 1:1 for me

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5 responses to “Member Battle Round 2: Victoria vs Fei

  1. Altman February 22, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    In terms of looks Victoria wins. I even dare to think she is the prettiest (naturally) woman in kpop. In terms of singing Fei wins. In terms of dance, i think Vic wins with her flexibility and years of dancing backgroud. In terms of variety skills, entertaining i also think Vic wins. Without any much reality show experience she joined IY and WGM and look what happened! Her popularity (and f(x)) just skyrocketed. So for me it’s 3:1

  2. Anonymous February 5, 2013 at 5:38 am

    Victoria is incomparably more beautiful and talented than Fei.

  3. Anonymous February 5, 2013 at 5:41 am

    Although Fei seems to be beautiful, her eyes are not attractive or beautiful. However, victoria’s eyes are the most gorgeous. So, vic is more beautiful with big, wide eyes than Fei.

  4. Anonymous April 12, 2015 at 12:22 am

    victoria 👍👍

  5. Feithful April 30, 2015 at 7:38 am

    Oh,please,if you don’t know anything about Fei,don’t write that Victoria is more talanted.Fei is perfect dancer,and she is also very good singer(I can listen to her eternally),and she prepares delicious.Of cource for me Fei is the best girl in over the world,bet I won’t say that Fei is better than Victoria,because I know that it’ll make her fans hurt.
    Fei-eonnie,I love you!I’ve never seen such a beauty girl!Miss A’s-eomma,fighting!

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