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Member Battle Round 1: Amber vs Jia (Rappers)

In the first battle between girl groups f(x) and miss A, we compare their charismatic rappers: Amber and Jia.

Thekoreanjjang:         Well they both do bring a certain unique flair and charisma to the table.

KpopEncarta:               Looks we can’t really compare to each other cuz they’re completely opposite.

Thekoreanjjang:         Well its worth at least a slight mention. After all, Amber’s high selling point for f(x) is her highly androgynous appearance.  She’s built up a pretty popular fan base with females as a result.

KpopEncarta:               This is true.    I feel like the female fans screamed as loud for her as the male groups during SM town.  Damn near made me deaf sitting in what felt like the Shinee section.

Thekoreanjjang:         I think what’s interesting about Amber is she gives off the aura or appearance of a confident rapper, but she’s actually quite shy on variety.

KpopEncarta:               She’s unsure of herself since like all foreign born idols, the langugage is still a bit of an issue.

Thekoreanjjang:         I’m not sure if its her lack of Korean language proficiency, but I thought she always came off really well mannered and polite.  I just find it a huge contrast from her stage presence.

KpopEncarta:               Like on IY2, she has a special noise they make her do whenever she can’t understand a word:  the poing poing thing that, ironically, Krystal started from her sitcom.

Thekoreanjjang:         Amber’s rap gives f(x) a definitive identity that stands out among other girl groups.  With Jia what I find interesting is her versatility in vocal ability as an idol.  Especially since JYP never truly designated positions to his 4 member group.

KpopEncarta:              This is true, but Jia is primarily a rapper.

Thekoreanjjang:         He still makes every member rotate in being the highlighted vocals through their different songs.  Even if shes known as the rapper, her vocal ability is pretty impressive as well.  This always surprised me, because its usually one way or the other with other idols.

KpopEncarta:               I’ve personally never found her vocal ability all that special.  I mean she’s not bad, but just average.  Her rap sounds good though.

Thekoreanjjang:         Lets get back to topic then with her rap since we’re judging them off their rap.  The problem for me, I view Jia more as a jack of all trades idol member in miss A.  She’s not bad at either singing or rapping, but she doesn’t exactly excel as the best in her class in either category.  When I see Amber, I definitely see the rapper in the group.

KpopEncarta:               This is true.  I think Jia’s a better dancer, though

Thekoreanjjang:         When you say she’s a better dancer though don’t you find that more of a reflection of JYP’s song choices.  I always felt that SM’s choreography limited Amber’s potential as a dancer.  JYP’s style puts a lot of emphasis on the choreography in their performance.

KpopEncarta:               I’m not even talking about their performances.  Take this for example: two completely different dance styles, but Jia pulls both off well.

Thekoreanjjang:         Beginning part sort of reminds me of Dream High when they did their bird dance.

KpopEncarta:               Haha yeah.  I don’t think Amber really gets the chance to dance so it’s not something that she practices.  Jia, on the other hand, does.  Whether it’s a reflection of the SM’s decision or not, Jia’s dance beats Amber’s.

Thekoreanjjang:         That’s a matter of opinion lol.  Dance is one thing, but I think the point lies in their actual performance.

KpopEncarta:               Of course it’s a matter of opinon, that’s why we’re debating this 😛

Thekoreanjjang:         Good point. Haha interesting that they have something like this.

KpopEncarta:               lol

Thekoreanjjang:         This is a good example of their contrast in styles.  With Jia you have a clear quicker paced voice spewing out her rap lines with a good rhythm.  With Amber you have a deeper voice with a style you might see more in male rappers in terms of both sound and pacing.

KpopEncarta:               True.

Thekoreanjjang:         So this begs the question which style is the most charismatic in terms of rap when placed in a girl group setting?  I’d say Jia’s clear quick-paced rap does sound more polished than Amber’s, but the reason I like Amber is because shes not the typical girl rapper around.

KpopEncarta:               I think each rapper style fits their respective groups’ song

Thekoreanjjang:         I agree that each rapper style fits within their own group, but I feel that Amber’s unique androgynous appearance and deep voice help f(x) really stand apart among the numerous girl groups.  When I hear her rap I instantly go “oh it’s Amber”. In that sense I’d have to go with Amber for the rapper round. 1:0 for f(x).

KpopEncarta:               For me i think i’ll have to pick Jia.  I do agree with your points for Amber and i’ll give her the edge in rapping over Jia.

Thekoreanjjang:         But?

KpopEncarta:               But i think as an overall performer, Jia has her beat.  As you said, miss A rotates roles, whereas SM uses the traditional system and locks people in specific roles.  Amber’s role is rap, whereas Jia is more versatile.

Thekoreanjjang:         Works for me, lets move on to the next round!

Member Battle Round 2: Victoria vs Fei


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