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[Review] MV Rewind: miss A “Touch” includes Making of and Dance tutorial

Miss A recently unveiled their new mini-album along with their music video “Touch” which immediately achieved an all-kill on all major South Korean music charts. Miss A’s current comeback had been highly anticipated by fans after they had captivated the K-pop world through their last hit “Good Bye Baby”. Written and composed by JYP, this new track conveyed a theme of “a love that blossoms from pain”.

Within their music video, miss A cleverly emphasized their theme through a rose flower concept that provided a compelling performance along with symbolic meaning to their track. A red rose after all is known to symbolize respect, courage, passion, and above all else love. Being in love can provide one of the greatest feelings in the world, but the pain of heartbreak can also cause the worst feelings in return. Their concept highlighted a rose’s beauty through its symbolic gesture of love, but also emphasized the great deal of suffering that could be caused by its prickly thorns. JYP’s lyrics bring this music video all together as it describes the feelings of a girl who finds new love after experiencing a past heartbreak.

The music video began by moving from a kaleidoscope effect of miss A in the shape of a rose to a complicated opening choreography routine. This provided a good effect as it led into an addictively haunting and gloomy beat complete with JYP’s classic nod to himself. Miss A’s wardrobe also fit well in line with their rose concept as they alternated between bandaged attire that signified their mending hearts to flowery outfits that represented their new blossoming love.

One of the problems I had with the music video was that I found their dance choreography as a whole to be a bit simple and basic. Although this did not take away too much from their music video, I was disappointed it did not have an eye-catching routine like their previous tracks. Still, one of the things I’ve always appreciated about miss A was their ability to change styles and show new sides of themselves in their new albums. With “Touch”, miss A chose to place a greater emphasis on soft vocals, which contrasted greatly from the more powerful styles they previously used in past albums. Although this may have disappointed a few fans, I was impressed by their ability to successfully perform and adapt to a new style through their current comeback.

As a whole, I really enjoyed this new music video. Their rose theme was well conceived and incorporated throughout their performance. What really caught my attention was how fresh and unique the melody and beat was compared to the majority of new K-pop releases. The fact that it seemed so foreign to my ears made me enjoy it that much more every time I heard it again. I also appreciate when groups try to stand out with innovative musical styles then when they choose to just blend in with the rest. This is something that I felt that miss A was able to accomplish with their latest comeback hit “Touch”.

miss A “Touch” (be sure to press CC for English subs)

“Touch” (making of)

“Touch” (dance tutorial)

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