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[Weekly Wrap-Up] 2/12 – 2/18

Don’t have time to keep up every day with all the latest news in the Kpop world?  Look no further as we go back and quickly review the biggest stories of the past week.

Main News

Both miss A and Big Bang released teaser images and MVs for their high anticipated upcoming comebacks.  miss A is scheduled to make their comeback on 2/20, while Big Bang is set to return to the music scene on 2/29.  Check out miss A’s teasers here, and Big Bang’s here and here. Veteran singer Son Dambi also announced that she will make her return sometime in May after an almost 2 year hiatus since the release of her 3rd mini album in 2010.   Composer Brave Brother’s girl group Brave girls also announce they will have their comeback on 2/22, but have yet to release any information since then.  Composer Shinsadong Tiger unveiled the debut MV for his new girl group EXID titled “Whoz That Girl” and the group started promotions this week.  However, they have been hit with controversy and accused of plagiarizing a track by Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian by the same name.

DSP Entertainment’s 7-membered group Rainbow continues their Japan promotions by announcing their 3rd single, “Gonna Gonna Go”.  Also this week, Co-Ed’s male sub unit Speed added a 7th member, Saejoon, as they continue their promotion of their debut track Lovey Dovey+.  You can check out their new look here.  In other news for Co-Ed, former Seeya member Sooni leaves the group to pursue a solo career.  She is replaced by new member Nayeon, who is rumored to be fluent in English, having lived in the US since elementary school, but also has strong musical ability in the piano, flute, guitar, and more.

Drama/Variety News

In last week’s episodes of Dream High 2, we have the Semester Exams Showcase.  Will the hard-working Hye Sung triumph over her rival Rian?  Will the prideful Yoo Jin be able to settle the score with his own rival JB?  Click here for our recaps of Episode 5 and Episode 6.  Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun also released her self-composed single titled “Hello to Myself” for the OST this week.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and T-ara’s Hyomin participated in a special Chinese version of “We Got Married” this week that aired on Valentine’s Day.  This week’s episode of “T-ara’s Pretty Boys” features the girls acting as stylists.  It was also announced that Secret’s Hyosung and G.NA will make appearances on the sitcom “Salamander Guru”, which is currently starring Shinee’s Minho.

In Invincible Youth 2, G8 farms for grapes and wrestles each other for the “privilege” of going out to sea and collecting seaweed.  This week’s episode of Running Man has the members meeting Gary at the airport, who has just come back from his European Tour.  MC Yoo Jae Suk and the others must try to gather as much information from Gary as they can as they try to solve the puzzles in this week’s episode titled “Gary Knows”.

Music Shows

Singers K.Will and Jay Park begin promotions this week for their respective songs “I Need You” and “Know Your Name.”  NS Yoonji concludes her promotions for “The Reason I Became a Witch.”

T-ara won this week’s episode of Music Bank over FT Island for their 4th win on the show.  On M! Countdown, Se7en took home his first win on the show over Jay Park and FT Island.  He continued his success on Inkigayo and won for the second week in a row there.  Check out all the performances, including a special stage with Se7en and JYP.


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