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[Video] Se7en wins 2nd straight ‘Inkigayo’ mutizen with “When I Can’t Sing” + additional stages

On tonight’s episode of SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’, Se7en received his second straight mutizen award for his comeback hit  “When I Can’t Sing”! Other nominees from this week’s ‘Take 7’ were: Block B with “Nanrina”, Dal Shabet with “Hit U”, B.A.P with “Warrior”, Davichi with “I’ll Think of You”, Teen Top with “Crazy”, and FT Island with “Severely”.

This week also revealed the debut stages of EXID with “Whoz That Girl” and SPEED with “Lovey Dovey Plus”. K.Will also made his comeback stage with “I Need You” and “I Hate Myself”.

Se7en “When I Can’t Sing” feat. JYP (special stage)

Take 7 Nominees

Block B “Nanrina”

Dal Shabet “Hit U”

B.A.P “Warrior”

Davichi “I’ll Think of You”

Teen Top “Crazy”

FT Island “Severely”

Comeback Stages

K.Will “I Hate Myself”

K.Will “I Need You”

Debut Stages

SPEED “Lovey Dovey Plus”

EXID “Whoz That Girl”

Other Performances

Wink “Stay in Shanghai” feat. Block B’s Zico

LEDapple “Time is Up”

Nine Muses “News”

NS Yoonji “The Reason I Became a Witch” (goodbye stage)


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