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[Review] MV Rewind: IU “Last Fantasy” & “You and I”

In anticipation for IU’s upcoming Japanese debut of “Good Day” on March 21st, the music video for the ninth track of her latest album “Last Fantasy” has finally been revealed. Unlike traditional k-pop music videos, this clip presents a montage of IU exploring different cities within Japan, including footage from her Japanese debut showcase held at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Shibuya.

Alongside Tokyo’s New City Orchestra, IU’s reflective lyrics and sweet voice is beautifully complimented by their use of real instruments, which allow for a deeper emotional delivery. The unique and refreshing aspect found in this song and many of IU’s other tracks is her ability to break away from the current music trend of relying on an addictive hook with a catchy chorus. Although she has maintained her Korean idol status through her hoard of ‘uncle fans’, IU has used her versatile voice to establish herself as a true artist in the K-pop world.

After IU’s three-octave vocals from her mega hit “Good Day” propelled her to K-pop super stardom, many fans had great expectations for the music video of her latest title track “You and I”. Starring actor Lee Hyun Woo, her music video touches on aspects of fantasy, time, and fate while weaving them all together to present a cleverly constructed story. Once again, IU’s use of real instruments during her performance allows the viewers to gain a much richer experience.

“You and I” is essentially a coming of age story of a girl’s desire to quickly grow from a teenager into an adult. In this music video story, the boy is bound to stay asleep until the time she becomes an adult, which typically is the age of twenty for Koreans. However, she impatiently sets off to construct a time machine to go to the future after discovering her Grandfather’s previous blueprints. Her ride on the fantasy express and seeing her future with the boy presents some interesting concepts of predestination and free will. Is she already predetermined to be with him based on this illusion or is she creating this future with her time machine through her own free will?

Before she boards the machine, IU inscribes the time of when they will meet again in the future on his wrist. However, he awakens right as she turns on her time machine and they only share a passing glance before she is whisked into the future. For me, this scene only further highlighted the idea that she was predestined to make the time machine in order to fulfill the future she saw in the train.

However, a happy ending was still on the horizon as the epilogue showed the pair’s future reunion in a chocolate shop near a train station at their destined time. I felt that this ending scene was done very well. The two never exchanged a single word even till the end, but their emotions were perfectly expressed in both of their faces. In my opinion, this allowed a much more powerful resolution for the viewers.

Translation: squishyblob Timing/Editing/Encoding: TheFly

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