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[Birthday Blessings] Sooyoung(SNSD)

For most, February 10th is a day like any other.  But for Kpop fans and SONEs the world over it is special in that it is the birthday of SNSD’s beloved Shikshin, Choi Sooyoung.

Sooyoung started early in her path to becoming part of one of the most popular music groups in Asia.  Though she was never able to have a 1st birthday party or a doljabi, as is mentioned in Episode 4 of the HaHa Mong Show, there should be no doubt she would have picked up something musical.  She debuted as part of a 2-member group, called Route 0,  in Japan when she was just 12 years old.  Though the group did not meet with success, and disbanded a year later, the memories over that time helped to humble her when she returned years later with SNSD.  On an episode of the show Night Star, she remarked at what a contrast it was for her compared to back then.  She briefly remembered having to audition for a spot on the various musical programs, as opposed to now when her schedule just fills itself.

In the years after Route 0, Sooyoung devoted her time to improve as a trainee under SM Entertainment.  Among the other members of SNSD, she was a trainee for the longest.  However, she was soon joined by Jessica, Yuri, and Hyoyeon and formed the first bonds of friendship of their future group.  Jessica, in her message to Sooyoung in the All About Girls Generation in Phuket, jokingly demands to know why Sooyoung grew so much from their trainee days when Jessica was the taller one.  On their episode of Intimate Note, Yuri tells a story of how the other three bullied her when she just started as a trainee.  It was also during this training period that Sooyoung was chosen to sing the Korean version of an OST for the popular Japanese anime Inu-Yasha.

6:00 for Yuri’s story:

Over the years since their debut, Sooyoung has shown many different facets of her personality which endeared her to all her fans.  What she’s most well known for is her many many impersonations.  Whether it be people, cell phone ring tones, or a talking lamb, her talent at vocal mimicry is acknowledged by fans and fellow celebrities alike.  Her wit on any number of variety shows always draws great response from MCs and audiences and livens the mood.

Though only age 22, Sooyoung is already at or near the pinnacle of her profession, as is mentioned in episode 11 of the show Win Win.  There is no doubt, however, that Sooyoung possesses the drive and ambition to continue in the music industry for as long as she desires.  Already she has experimented with being a songwriter as she made the lyrics for SNSD’s “How Great Is Your Love”.  She mentions also in that episode of Win Win that being a celebrity doesn’t matter; she only wants to be able to sing and dance.  No matter what happens, SONEs around the globe look forward to what the tallest member of SNSD will accomplish for the rest of her career.


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